DIY Pineapple Dog Halloween Costume

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What you need:

Yellow onesie

Gold marker



Party hat

Green felt

Hot glue gun


  1. Lay the onesie on a flat surface. Using the ruler and pencil, lightly draw straight, sideways lines on the onesie. Repeat this step, but change the direction of the lines.
  2. Trace pencil lines with gold marker. If you’re worried about the marker soaking through the fabric, place some cardboard in between the fabric layers of the onesie.
  3. Fold the bottom flap of the onesie, and glue it in place on the top and bottom layers of the onesie.
  4. Lay the green felt on the table. Using a pencil, trace the shape of a leaf and cut out. Repeat 4-6 times, enough to cover a party hat.
  5. Hot glue the leaves to the party hat.
  6. Cut the elastic band of the party hat. Use your dog for proper measurement, and then hot glue the ends of the elastic to the inside of the hat.