DIY Tennis Ball Dog Toys

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
You can’t go wrong with tennis balls when it comes to dogs. And if you thought your dog loved them before, just wait until he sees the new ways he can play with them now!

Tennis balls are a common toy for most dogs. This simple toy easily bounces, comes in a variety of vibrant colors and provides endless hours of play time for your dog. Whether your dog loves to fetch the tennis ball or simply chew on it for fun, it will most likely be part of your dog’s life. You can make a variety of toys your dog will love by using a tennis ball and a few household items. Here are a few of our faves:

Muffin Tin Challenge

Supplies Needed:

  • Muffin tin
  • Tennis ball
  • Treats

Step 1: Find a Muffin Tin – You can use an old muffin tin or buy a new one for a couple of bucks. You’ll want to wash it with soap and water to remove any debris.

Step 2: Hide the Treats – Put a few of your dog’s favorite treats in as many muffin tin holders as you have tennis balls.

Step 3: Tennis Ball Time – Cover the treats in the holder with a tennis ball.

Step 4: Encourage Play Time – Place the muffin tin with the treats and the ball already in place on the floor in front of your dog. Show your dog with your hands how to swipe the tennis ball out of the way to reveal the treats. Your dog should eat the treats as he recovers each one. You can use a few tennis balls to make the game more challenging.

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser

Supplies Needed:

  • Tennis ball
  • Treats
  • Sharp serrated knife

Step 1: Prepare the Tennis Ball – Choose any size tennis ball. Generally, standard-size tennis balls are best suited for any size dog and smaller tennis balls are best suited for toy size dogs.

Step 2: Cut into the Tennis Ball – Carefully cut a 1/3 to 1/2 inch diameter line into the tennis ball. A sharp serrated knife works best for this project. Be careful not to cut your hand or fingers.

Step 3: Cut another Line – Carefully cut another line next to the one you just created in the previous step, but make this line about 2 to 4 mm apart. Your goal is to create a large enough open gap for the treats to fall out of easily with a little persistance.

Step 4: Clean-Out the Tennis Ball – Remove the material inside the tennis ball so you dog won’t eat it.

Step 5: Fill the Tennis Ball with Treats – Squeeze the tennis ball so that the opening is wide. Fill the ball with delicious treats your dog will love.

Step 6: Give the Toy to Your Dog – Briefly show your dog there are treats inside the ball and allow him to sniff it, then place the ball on the ground for your dog to play with.

It’s always a good idea to supervise your dog when playing with toys, especially ones that include treats. And we’d love to hear if you tried any of these DIY Tennis Ball Toys or you have a few of your own. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment section below.

Shellie Sutera is a freelance writer from sunny Miami, Florida. When she’s not secretly smuggling her adorable dog Hercules into the local beaches for sun and surf, she’s a passionate writer that specializes in writing about dogs and all of their unique quirks. She spends her free time cooking Italian food, raft boating, volunteering and traveling to dog-friendly destinations.

Shellie Sutera
Shellie Sutera

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