Your Dog Will Have a Ball With the Pebby WiFi Toy

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Play with your dog when you’re not around with Pebby. Track, monitor, and play with your furbaby from wherever you by funding this cool Kickstarter.

So, I brought a puppy back from the Global Pet Expo this year.

Yes, crazy, but crazy in love. We’ve had her for a week and a half, and every day, I think, “I need to look for some toys that will stimulate her mind and keep up with her when I can’t do it because I’m out or working or whatever.”

Enter Pebby!

Pebby is the perfect pet sitter system–a robotic ball that will allow you to monitor and interact with your pet from wherever you are. The Pebby system uses a smart collar and a ‘ball’ that is wifi enabled and controlled. The ball can be remotely controlled with the Pebby companion app (which is available for iOS and Android users) and has a video camera that lets you see your pet when ever you want!

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The ball gives playtime opportunity, and with its built-in speakers and laser toy (human and pet safe, of course), you can interact with your furchild even if you’re not actually there to do so. It has LED lights that give a ‘Night Vision’ mode, and cool LED glow rims that are sure to get your pet’s attention!

Cooler still, because Pebby founder and CEO Hansen Goh wanted to create a holistic care system that would give humans piece of mind when it comes to their furbabies, the smart Pebby collar monitors your pet while you are gone. Humans can use the Auto Play mode to watch their pets enjoy, and they can even customise the LED colors and settings, like speed and acceleration. A human always knows when his pet is enjoying Pebby with the cool “Shake” and “Bark” alerts that Pebby sends to his human’s phone.

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There are lots of styles for the fashionistas, and the charging dock is wireless, with a backup USB charge port just in case. And, of course how great is an interactive, robotic toy if you can’t talk to your pet, in real time or with prerecorded messages, just to let her know you love and miss her? Not at all, which is why Pebby features the capability and pets love it!

The reward levels that are left for the kickstarter start at $179, but hurry! There’s only a few left, and the campaign ends Thursday. The next reward level is $199, for a set, but there’s only one of those, so go now! It’ll be the toy your pet needs. It’s DEFINITELY the toy my pup needs!!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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