DIY Wild Turkey Dog Costume

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You want a dog costume for Halloween, and an outfit that will impress guests that are coming over for Thanksgiving. And the best part – you make it yourself for about $5. Zed’s wild and exotic turkey costume was made by yours truly, and I had a blast making it. I’m not much of a sewer, so I depend on a hot glue gun to get me out of sticky situations.

Depending on what color you’d like your turkey to be, your local craft store will have plenty of options – go with browns and white for a farm-fresh bird, or get fancy with reds, oranges, and polka dot.

What You Need:

1 pair tights, any color

Hot glue gun and sticks

3 bags of assorted craft feathers

Velcro dots or strips


  1. Unwrap and lay out the pair of tights, and lay out flat on your workspace.
  2. Measure the length of your dog from his neck to the base of his tail. Using your dog’s length, cut both legs of tights so that each one covers the length of your dog.
  3. Cut the closed toes off the legs of the tights.
  4. Cut each of the leg up the middle so you have enough material to cover you dog. Hot glue the two pieces together to create a wider piece of fabric.
  5. Hot glue Velco to the top of the material as if you were making a cape. You’ll also need to hot glue Velco to the middle of the material, so that it fits snuggly around your dog.
  6. Start to hot glue feathers on one side of the material. Longer feathers should be glued around the top of the material, with shorter feathers covering the sides of the costume. Hot glue feathers on the material until it’s completely covered. To give feathers a fuller appearance, bend the end of the feather to a 90 degree angle, and glue the bended end to the material.
  7. For the little head piece, I used a piece of the legging. I cut small holes for Zed’s ears and hot glued a few smaller feathers to the cap.