Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Pet Accessories Hit a High Note

Are you a little bit country? Check out MuttNation, Miranda Lambert’s new pet line! These products feature vintage-inspired materials, and plenty of denim and leather, and proceeds go to a good cause.

What do you get when you mix a country music superstar, Petmate and a common love of animals? MuttNation products, that’s what!

Petmate and country singer Miranda Lambert have teamed up to create a new line of pet products called MuttNation. Better yet, every purchase will help fund rescue and adoption programs at MuttNation Foundation, an organization created by Miranda and her mother Beverly Lambert back in 2009.

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Miranda has always had a big heart for helping humans and dogs alike. When she was in her teens, she often volunteered at the Humane Society of East Texas and that eventually lead up to adopting Delilah. This, in turn, led her to create “Cause for the Paws”, a yearly fundraiser which is already in it’s eighth year!

The products include a collection of stylish bedding such as loungers, pillow beds and soft cuddles available in a variety of colors as well as custom-fit collars and leashes made with materials that feel like denim and leather. Miranda has also designed several vintage-inspired mats made with tooled leather and rustic burlap, and square melamine food and water bowls. Finally, this collection also includes plenty of hand-crafted Boho-styled toys that feel like suede. These include a unicorn, a flamingo, a rooster and an armadillo.

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One of the highlights of the products is a collection of six plush puppies called the “Rescue Mutts”. Each toy was created in the image of a real-life rescue puppy with its own story including the dog’s adoption and their new family. These products are especially close to Miranda’s heart, as one of the plush dogs was made in the image of her very own Delilah.

Be sure to keep an eye out at your local pet store’s shelves for Miranda Lambert’s products.

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