This Small Pooch Has a Dog-Up on the Situation!

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I’m not a tall person. I never have been. I’ve spent my entire life climbing on counters, using step stools and asking people taller than I am (you know, those over five feet) to reach things for me.

So, I can totally relate to the cutest little gal taking the internet by storm these days. Bella is a two-year-old tiny wonder who faces the things all little gals do…we just can’t always reach what we want.

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Bella has solved her problem well, though, enlisting the aid of her best puppy pal (and big Golden), Hank. Hank is her two-year-old ride, and together the duo is just about the cutest thing ever.

Bella’s mom Adriana Burkhart says that Bella and Hank are the best friends and go gaga when they see each other. Hank lives with Adriana’s parents, but they see each other often and act as if they’ve not skipped a beat.

And clearly they haven’t. Bella doesn’t let something as trivial as her size stop her from doing everything with her BFF, and Hank has no problem schlepping Bella wherever they need to go…whether it’s begging for treats…

…or napping…A little dog and her bff Golden retriever do everything together…or giving each other eye massages. (Oh Hank, you ARE a good boy!)A little dog and her cousin Golden Retriever are best friends

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Hank is obviously the most tolerant dog ever, and Adriana says that even though he’s an older boy, the two play together and Bella helps keep him young. And then, when Hank has had enough, Bella is just fine hanging out with her best bud on the front porch taking in the beautiful day. Bella and her BFF Hank enjoy the beautiful dayJust goes to show that opposites do attract, and make the very best of friends!

[Source: BoredPanda]