Top 10 Best Poop Bags

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Having to pick up your dog’s poop is definitely not one of the upsides of pet parenting-  but it’s a must, nevertheless. Not only that it’s bad manners to leave your doggie’s doo doo lying on the sidewalk, but it’s also bad for the environment, people, and other animals. Since having a dog and scooping up poop go hand in hand, it’s important to get the best supplies for this dirty business. No pawrent worth his or her salt goes on a walk without a few poop bags in their pocket.

A good poop bag is leakproof, traps odors, big enough, and eco-friendly, but not all baggies that fit this description will fit your preferences. Some like it scented, others colorful, and some pet parents like to try out new and innovative products. Whatever your poop scooping preferences are, you’ll find the best poop bags on this list. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to business and see which dog waste bags are the right choice for you and your crappy companion.

Here’s our list of top 10 best poop bags to bring with you on your walk.

Top 10 Best Poop Bags: My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags

Are you looking to reduce your pooch’s carbon paw print? These 100% biodegradable poop bags are fully made from cornstarch (that’s made from GM free corn). One of these bad boys will break down and decompose completely in just 90 days! Needless to say, the fact that these bags are made from a natural material doesn’t make them any less sturdy and leakproof than the standard plastic ones. The clever design ensures durability and robustness- star sealed base adds thickness and keeps the poop where it should be. The 20 micron bags are on a cardboard roll, and fit most standard dispensers. While the green poop bags are scent-free, the company also produces rose-scented bags in pink and red.


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Frisco Planet Friendly Dog Poop Bags

If your four-legged family member likes to drop the smellies directly in your backyard or you simply want to grab a bag on the go for the walks around the block, these could be the more convenient option for you. Packaged in a box with a roll dispenser, these large leak-proof bags are easy to tear off and put in your pocket for those impromptu doodies. While these poop bags are not biodegradable, they were made using EPI technology and designed to break down faster than regular waste bags. You can choose between the unscented version and the watermelon-scented alternative that will definitely mask the unpleasant smells.


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Bags on Board Bag Rainbow

You what’s one of the things that could make cleaning up poop a bit less dreadful? Doing it with vibrant baggies in all the colors of the rainbow! Each pack contains strong, large bags in 5 colors: yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue. The double-sealed construction makes them leakproof, as well as the strong plastic material they’re made of. These are slightly larger bags- the dimensions are 9 by 14 inches, but the rolls are a perfect fit for Bags on Board dispensers. The bigger size ensures that your dog’s more impressive number twos fit in the bag and still leave enough room for you to tie the bag before tossing it in the trash. And, with a price tag under $10 for 140 poop bags, they are an absolute steal!


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Pogi's Poop Bags with Easy-Tie Handles

Some people find the whole baggy business to fiddly and tying the knot is usually the main culprit. And who would blame them? Holding your dog’s steaming doodie through a bag is stressful enough and know you need to maneuver a knot?! Honestly, it can get messy real fast. Luckily for us, there are poop bags that come with handles for an effortless tie before the trash toss. Pogi’s poop bags with handles don’t come in a roll, but rather in a convenient cardboard box, so you can just tear off a few and keep on you when it’s time for walks. The extra large capacity (dimensions are 7 by 14.5 inches) make these suitable even for the largest dog breeds. These EPI technology bags are also fresh powder scented for your nose’s convenience, but there’s a fragrance-free alternative, too.  


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: UNNI 100% Compostable Pet Poop Bags

The eco-conscious pet parent will love these 100% compostable bags, as the manufacturer turned to plant starch rather than plastic for the production. These bags are not just green when it comes to their color! The high biobased content of UNNI poop bags means they contain no polyethylene and that they were made solely from the starch of plants. For that reason, they have been certified in both the United States and Europe. Experts agree that these can be used in a backyard compost setting as they will decompose, but it’s best to avoid tossing your pet’s droppings in the compost bin if it’s near your living space (I’m talking to you, condo composters.)


Doodie Flush Dog Poop Bags are premium quality bags that feel sturdy and thick, but still are biodegradable and dissolve in just a bit with water. In fact, they’re so biodegradable, you can toss them, compost them or FLUSH them—yes, flush and smells be gone. All in the name of keeping Mother Nature happy too. Poop scooping with some eco-friendly bags can be a bit…gross…because they’re so thin (that’s what they need to be for the dissolving as they degrade). But Doodie Flush Dog Poop Bags really are made to flush. In fact, they’re not just made to flush, they’re made to meet ASTMd6400 standards, which is a pretty impressive certification in the industry.

Now you can clean up after your dog without getting yourself icky, and they are engineered to breakdown when they come in contact with water. You don’t have to worry about turd duty ever again and you don’t have to feel bad flushing them because they’re septic-safe too!


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Earth Rated PoopBags

Available in lavender scented or unscented, these affordable and reliable poop bags have been a bestseller for years. And with good reason! The tough and big bags are easy to use and handle any type of poo you might have come across. The 100 percent leak-proof bag measures 9 by 13 inches, so there’s no need to worry about coming in contact with the waste- you can comfortably roll these bad boys all the way up to your elbows. Also, the bags are made of a material that contains an EPI additive to speed up the decomposition of the bags- but the company also offers a vegetable-based alternative if you want poop bags that are really certified as biodegradable.


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: BarkBox Dog Waste Poop Bags

Got 99 problems but a bag ain’t one- what better way to sum up what these poop bags are about? In addition to being oxo-biodegradable and made with EPI technology, these large, robust waste disposal bags come with a witty, humorous message printed out. Because why not add some pizzazz to the poop scooping? There are two available themes- Pug Life for the gangsta canine and the Poopaganda for the pooch who’s not afraid to get political about his crap. Some of the messages these unique poop bags feature include nuggets of gold such as ‘Make Logs, Not War!’ ‘Do Your Civic Doody’, and ‘Poop There It Is!’. The rolls of unscented bags fit most standard containers- their unconventional design is limited to appearance only.


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Parisian Pet Dog Poop Bags for Dogs

Ah, the word Parisian in the mix almost makes picking up poop sound glamorous and refined. Of course, it’s all but that. However, these stylish and fund poop bags could make cleaning your pet’s drab dung look a bit less dull. The bags come in 10 different designs, including faves such as red with bone print, blue paw print, and pink polka dots. Each package comes with 16 separate rolls that fit most containers, with 320 unscented bags in total. At less than $15 per pack, it’s quite a bargain, especially considering the unique design. The dimensions of the bags are 9 by 13 inches, and the leak-proof material holds up really well, despite what the patterned, colorful design might indicate.


Top 10 Best Poop Bags: Pogi’s Poop Bags

Easy to tear from the roll, leak-proof, and budget-friendly- that’s what poop scooper’s dreams are made of. The Pogi’s poop bags, this time in the standard roll version, are a tried and true option. The earth-friendly bags contain EPI, which makes the bag decompose at a faster rate than standard polyurethane. Suitable for dogs of all sizes and pooping capacities, these bags are 9 inches by 13.5 inches in dimensions, so there’s plenty of room to store the doodie and tie the knot. Another convenient feature of these classic poop bags is that they have a clearly marked opening side that makes bags easy to tear from the roll. No need to juggle the leash and your dog in order to get to a bag without ripping it in the process when it detaches so smoothly!


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