Top 10 Dog Pooper Scooper Essentials

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s International Pooper Scooper Week, and trust us, scooping poop is serious business. Being responsible about dog waste is important to our communities and environment. To get the word out, we’re sharing our top 10 dog pooper scooper essentials.

In 2002, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) came together as a group of pooper scoopers concerned about the growing poop problem in many communities. Left behind poop affects our playgrounds, our environment and our water tables. So, aPaws dedicated this week as a week to educate pet owners about the ins and outs of poop scooping. That’s why we’re sharing our best dog pooper scooper essentials for you to snag.

1. Petmate Swivel Bin and Rake Scoop

This scented rake and scoop with bin will allow you to gently scoop up poop piles without smooshing or ruining grass/sidewalks. The convenient swivel allows you to get the poop right into the bin with little effort and you can use it with or without the bag. Think of it like sweeping poop right into the bin.

2. Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Jaw Scoop

Let’s be real. Any time there’s poop involved, you want things as antimicrobial as you can get them, don’t you? Nature’s Miracle’s non-stick jaw scooper is lightweight and easy to use–wherever the poop is. Gravel, concrete or grass, it’s non-stick plastic jaw has jagged little teeth that will get all the poop from any nook and cranny it discovers and covers. Choose from different sizes for your needs.

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3. Woof and Paw (with telescoping handles)

You know how bending over to get the poop while you hold the poles and make sure you don’t smear anything can take some coordination (and give you a bad back)? Woof and Paw comes to the rescue with their telescoping, stainless steel wands and flat-edge bin design that makes scooping that poop a breeze and you don’t even have to put your back into it. Perfect for taller pet parents, it also shortens for travel and storage. And we love the sturdy aluminum and stainless parts.

4. GoGo Stik Pooper Scooper

This scooper keeps the poop where it belongs–off your hands and in the bag. Only the bag touches the poop, so there’s no cleaning the scoop after you’ve used it. It’s got patented dual blades that can tackle any surface and you can use any bag you want with it–which comes in handy when you need to give a sample to your vet. Stick a resealable bag on that baby and scoop the poop. It’s great for those with limited mobility.

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5. BioDOGradable Poop Bags

While were talking about bags, it’s important to know that not every bag is created equally, nor does it take care of the environment the same way. Yes, it’s important to scoop poop but we do damage when we just dump it in harmful plastic bags that destroy the earth. That’s why we love these green compostable bags. They’re not made from plastic, they’re leak-proof, they’re tear resistant and there are no chemicals or fragrances so they’re good for poop and good for the earth too. As well, they’re the only ones that don’t require industrial composting, which means they’re home compostable.

6. BioDOGradable Leash Dispenser

We also love this bioDOGradable leash dispenser. BioDOGradable is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing pollution on the earth and keeping the poop and plastic kind at bay. This leash dispenser will attach easily to whatever leash you use and will hold 15 bags at a time.

7. Flashlight

You’ll need to have a flashlight to let you find the business when you’ve walked your pup in the dark, but we like that this flashlight also has a handy-dandy black light that lets you look for urine and fecal remains in other places (like carpets and such) when it’s light. It is super bright for safety and detection and clips easily to just about anything you need it to for walking.

8. Doggie Dooley Disposal System

Way to be responsible in your own backyard…this Doggie Dooley disposal system lets you compost your pup’s poop as it acts like a little septic tank. It uses bacteria and enzyme cultures to break the poop down and it’s a non-toxic way to get rid of poop in your yard safely and odorlessly.

9. Doggie Doo Sewer Attachment

If you have a septic system in your own yard, you’ll be glad to know the Doggie Doo sewer attachment will let you scoop waste right into it and then your septic system will take care of it. No separate disposal system needed; the Doggie Doo attachment uses existing sewer equipment and eliminates the need for bags or poop piles all over your yard.

10. Mutt Mitt

Old school as it may be, sometimes the easiest thing to do is get in there and pick it up quickly. These Mutt Mitts are perfect for that, particularly if you’re traveling and you don’t want to be dealing with pooper scoopers or waste systems. They’re especially handy in common areas like playgrounds and parks to encourage those who may not always bring bags or try and skip out because they’re not prepared to scoop the poop no matter what.

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