“Throw Away Dogs” Recruited as Police K9 Heroes

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
There’s no such thing as a “throw away dog.” That’s because an organization is giving former stray dogs a second chance in the police force.

With overcrowding in shelters becoming a huge heartbreaking issue, one woman decided to take a stand to prove rescues can do anything a purebred can. The Throw Away Dogs program is located in Philadelphia and aims to pair rescue dogs with police task forces in need of new K9 officers.

Carol Skaziak founded Throw Away Dogs in 2014, and is an avid lover of dogs deemed expendable by irresponsible owners. To date, she has rescued 12 dogs herself, many of which are now serving as police dogs in the US. The dogs that are pulled from shelters for the program are treated to a loving rehabilitation process.

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They receive proper socialization and intensive training to be used as narcotic detectors and search dogs within police units. The dogs receive a top notch education, being trained by the likes of impressive officers such as Jennifer Doyle. It takes around three months of training for a dog to receive the police quality designation, but those who don’t graduate from the program also receive loving homes. No dog in the program will ever be a “Throw Away” pet again.

Dogs usually used for police purposes are often expensive breeds that have gone through pricey training processes. Though they may do a great job on the force, Skaziak’s rescues have a lot to offer as well. “I pour my heart and soul into it and all I ask for these departments is to just give my dogs a chance,” she told a local news outlet.

A dog will be selected from the program if they show playfulness and a desire to learn and interact with a trainer. While purebred dogs may have these traits, they are not unique to designer imports. Skaziak noticed how many rescues within her city showed potential as a working dog, and has worked tirelessly to help them achieve greatness.

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The dogs are provided free of charge to police departments after being carefully trained and tested – and just one of these dogs can save a police force up to $10,000. This is beneficial to both hound and officer, as the dog gets a second chance at life and the department gains a new useful member of the team. Skaziak understands the demand for affordable police dogs first hand, as she married a police officer and became aware of the state of force budgets.

This program has proved itself lifesaving for pups who were looked over by previous owners and adopters. Every dog deserves to be appreciated for their strengths, and Throw Away Dogs aims to help hounds find their talents and aid them in developing their skills. Skaziak’s vision is inspiring: “A rescue dog has the same qualities as an imported dog,” she said. “I have seen it, I have proved it and I will continue to do that.”

If you’d like to learn more about Throw Away Dogs, be sure to visit the website.

[Source: News 3 Las Vegas]

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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