Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Four’s Company?

A couple is taking the plunge and moving in together. But what do you do when you both have pets and your new apartment only allows room for one? The Hairy Dogfathers weigh in.

Hello Hairy Dogfathers,

I met the most amazing girl, everything about her is awesome! We have dated for a little over a year, and are both ready to take the next step. We’ve found a place together. The only issue – we both have a pet and the new place only allows one animal! I won’t surrender my cat, and she is firm about keeping her dog. This place fits our budget, has a beautiful view and is really close to work! What do we do?

From “Not Giving Up My Cat”

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André says:

Dear Not Giving Up My Cat,

It’s great that you and your girlfriend have chosen to move in together, but it’s really unfortunate to hear about the one pet policy, eh? Sounds like you are at a bit of a standstill here with neither one of you willing to give up your pet, and why should you? To me this is plain and simple; this place just isn’t for you. If you and your girlfriend are truly committed to each other there is no need to rush moving in, you should take your time and find a place that meets your collective needs.

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Kevin says:

Dear Not Giving Up My Cat,

I love how you are both so committed to your pet. Perhaps now, it’s time to take things to the next level? Raise the bar and make the commitment to each other’s pets! There is no way you should be asking each other to choose between the cat and the dog. If you are going to be a family, you need to start thinking like one. One big, happy, furry family!

If this place is so much to your liking, don’t give up yet. Have you contacted the landlord? Sometimes for an ideal tenant, an animal loving landlord will bend the rules, so everyone wins. The pets get a new place, you get to be together and the landlord gets a good tenant. Explain to the landlord how hard it is to find quality pet-friendly housing in your city. Point out that you won’t be moving anytime soon, because: 1. You love the place; and 2. It’s hard to move with two pets! Once the landlord knows you are in it for the long term, exceptions might be made.

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