Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Showing Off My Pooch Pride

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Gay Pride! The Hairy Dogfathers have some advice when it comes to bringing your dog along to Pride celebrations.

Pride is here – party time! It’s like Christmas for the gays and I love it! Last fall, I got a loveable Lab, and this will be Hershey’s first Pride. He’s trained and well behaved and oh so cute! I really want to bring him to Pride, he’s my wingman. But I am not sure if he will like it. What are your experiences/thoughts on bringing dogs along to Pride?

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André says:

Bringing your dog to Pride is an excellent idea! We have brought all of our dogs to Pride in the past and it’s been a blast.

One thing to consider is the types of activities that would be the most appropriate for Hershey. Most Pride celebrations involve some kind of outdoor activity, so bringing Hershey to walk in the parade or hang out in a park could be lots of fun. Some pride celebrations involve other activities like fireworks and clubbing that may not be as fun for Hershey. Another important thing is to be prepared – if it’s going to be a hot sunny day, make sure to bring lots of water to keep Hershey hydrated.

It doesn’t hurt to check out the venue early to scope out areas that provide shade that would allow Hershey to cool off a little. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), what are you going to wear?

People go all out for Pride, and Hershey might want to participate, too. This could be as easy as picking up a tasteful rainbow bandanna, or you could even consider wearing matching outfits. Happy Pride and have fun!

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Kevin says:

Didn’t I marry a smart man? I agree – check out the venue beforehand to make sure that it’s appropriate for Hershey to join in on the fun.

We have brought all of our dogs and they enjoyed it, because they are party dogs! They love people, other dogs, and outings. Remember that Pride can be crowded, loud, and a little overwhelming. Is Hershey the type of dog who is going to enjoy a party, or would be happier at home hearing about all the adventures and checking out the pics on your phone afterward?

Even if he is all about the party, and things look good at the venue, know your dog’s limits. If the heat, combined with the humidity, makes an extended outdoor adventure too dangerous for your dog, be prepared to leave Hershey at home with the AC on.

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