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Best Dog Supplement for Shedding

To help you find the right supplement for your pooch, we’ve rounded the best dog supplements for shedding on the market. From liquids to soft chews and softgels, there’s the right supplement for your dog on our list!

Best Supplements for Dog Allergies

With so many different options available, you may need help finding the best formula for your pooch – to help you give your dog some relief, we’ve found the best supplements for dog allergies on the market.

Best Multivitamin for Puppies

To help you find the right type for your pet, we’ve handpicked the best multivitamins for puppies on the market, from those in powder form to liquids and chewables – you can’t go wrong with any from our list.

Best Dog Training Products

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner with plenty of experience training their pets or a newbie first-time pawrent looking for some help training your dog, these dog training products will make sure the training process goes smoothly – and yields better results.

Best Lick Mats

Are lick mats for dogs just another pet industry gimmick or can they really benefit your pet? Read on to learn more about lick mats and if they're the right choice for your pet.

Best Cat Screens for Windows

Cat screens for windows are tough enough to be cat-proof and stand up to claws and climbing, so there’s no risk of your cat breaking through this barrier, which can happen with flimsier nets that are designed to keep only insects out.

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Half of Americans Believe Pets Steal the Spotlight During Holidays

A survey revealed that nearly half of Americans (43%) think their loved ones are more excited to see their pets on the holidays than they are to see them.

How Much Outdoor Time Does My Dog Need?

Spending time outside is very important for overall physical and mental health, both for humans and animals alike. Our pets, dogs especially, can be quite dependent on the time they spend outdoors.

What to Do If Your Dog Ingested Something They Shouldn't?

What is the course of action to help a dog who ingested something they simply should not? Let’s go over it.

What Should I Include in a Pet First Aid Kit?

As loving pet parents, we do everything possible to keep our furry companions safe and healthy. However, life is unpredictable, and accidents happen, so we must be prepar…

Is a Cat Tree Necessary for My Cat?

When you first bring home a new cat, it’s an exciting time – especially if you’re a first-time cat parent. However, amidst the excitement, there are many questions that m…

Scientists May Have Found a Better Way To Trim a Cat’s Nails

Researchers from the University of California, Davis, are working with Sacramento SPCA to make nail trimming less stressful for cats and their owners

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Best Natural Supplements For Dogs

If you're unsure which natural supplements for dogs are made from the best ingredients and are considered the most efficient, read on – we’ve selected the best natural supplements for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Best Invisible Fences for Dogs

To help you find the right type of invisible fence for your property and your pet’s level of training, we’ve rounded up the best invisible fences for dogs on the market right now – read on to find the perfect match!

5 Most Aggressive Rabbit Breeds

Read on as we check out the top rabbit breeds that can have somewhat aggressive tendencies, and take a look at our insights into the reasons for that aggression. With ample knowledge and patience, you can solve these issues once and for all!

Best Guinea Pig Bedding

To help you find the best option for you and your guinea pig friend, we’ve rounded up the 10 best guinea pig bedding products on the market right now – and put together a comprehensive guide on how to pick the perfect type for your preferences.

Best Eye Drops for Dogs

Read on to find out our selection of the 10 best eye drops for dogs. Each one has a unique formula that works like a charm - say goodbye to eye problems!

Best Agility Training Products

Read on to see our selection of the 10 best agility training products for all levels of fitness and skills!

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This Revolutionary Drug Could Help Extend the Lifespan of Dogs

What the study will potentially show is that dogs who receive the drug will live one year longer - on average compared to those who are taking the “placebo” drug.

After 11 Long Years, a Cat That Was Presumed Dead Returns Home

If a pet story can be considered a real life miracle, it’s the one about Toby, a family cat that - it would seem - lived a life of great adventure.

Working Dog Gets Stolen and Dropped in a Shelter 700 Miles From Home

A 12-year-old working dog gets stolen from a ranch in Oregon and dropped in a shelter 700 miles from home.

Sleeping With Pets: Here's What Experts Have to Say

With an increasing focus on our sleep health, pet parents are starting to wonder about the potential disadvantages of sleeping with pets

How Do I Make a DIY Nail Board for My Dog?

Maintaining your dog’s nails is essential to their overall health and well-being, but it can be challenging if your dog is uncomfortable with the nail clippers and other…

How Do I Train My Dog to Wear a Muzzle?

Introducing a new tool to your dog can feel like uncharted territory. While some dogs will readily accept whatever is thrown their way, others will become stressed or anx…

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Best Cargo Liner

These unique cargo liner designs will prevent dirt, stains, pet hair, and scratches from ruining your car, as they are designed to protect the cargo area, offer your pet comfort, and keep your car looking pristine.

Best Car Door Covers

We’ve rounded up the 10 best car door covers for pet owners that want to keep their vehicles pristine – read on to find a perfect match!

Best Calming Chews for Dogs

To help you find the right match for your pet’s needs, we’ve rounded up the best calming chews for dogs on the market right now.

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Cat in Heat: Signs and What to Do

If you have an unspayed female cat, it’s just a matter of time before she goes into heat and is ready to mate. But will you be able to recognize that she’s i…

How Do I Choose the Best Muzzle for My Dog?

With the news of the recent American Bully XL ban in the UK, conversations around dog muzzles have been popping up all over social media. The growing discussion has opene…

Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Cats: The Basics

Like humans, cats can develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. This water-soluble vitamin is needed for a variety of functions, affecting everything from their digesti…

A Former Elvis Impersonator Adopts Elvis, the Dog Who No One Wanted

Elvis, the only dog who didn’t get adopted at Anti Cruelty’s Fall in Love adoption event, finally found a forever home with an owner who used to work as an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Why Does My Dog Paw or "Dig" His Food Bowl?

Have you ever seen your pooch trying to fake bury his food by pawing at it? Don’t worry, the behavior might look odd at the very least, but it’s not a reason for concern. Here’s what dogs that dig, bury, or paw their food are trying to tell you with this behavior.

Why is My Dog Vomiting White Foam?

The reasons for white foam vomiting can be many, and the cause might not be clear to you immediately. What’s even more frustrating, there are several possible causes for this occurrence.

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Scientists Finally Identify Mystery Dog Illness Sweeping America

If you are a dog owner in the United States, you have likely already seen the news reports about the mystery illness responsible for the deaths of several dogs, prompting…

42% of Pet Parents Feel Caring for Pets is More Stressful Than Kids!

Pets can be an incredible addition to any family, but they can also come with a bit of stress. In fact, a recent study revealed that nearly half of pet parents shared tha…

Jolly Pets’ Annual “#WeGiveaJolly” Campaign Helps Shelter Dogs

Starting from November 28th until December 25th, Jolly Pets will donate a high-quality toy for every single purchase made. The toys will go to rescue dogs at 19 animal shelters in the USA, each represented by the influencer ambassadors, as announced by the marketing director of Jolly Pets, Louisa Casto.

Felix Cat Insurance Will Pay Your Engagement Ring – On One Condition

If you're ready to tie the knot, you should know that there’s a way to make this special occasion even more memorable – and get an engagement ring of your choice for free.

Adopter Visits a Dog Every Day for 2 Months to Earn the Pet's Trust

Alva, a fearful dog who spent over 500 days at Austin Pets Alive! shelter has found a loving home thanks to an adopter who believed in her.

Dave Bautista Teams Up With the ASPCA for Giving Tuesday

With an estimated 3.1 million dogs entering U.S. animal shelters every year, the need for funding and support is evident. For many, this is a call to action to find ways…

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Should I Bathe My Dog During Winter?

You can bathe your dog during winter, but it's essential to be mindful of the temperature of the room and water, the drying process, and your dog's individual needs. Here's what you need to know beforehand.

Scientists Finally Know Why Cats Love Tuna So Much

No food is more synonymous with cats than tuna. Finally, scientists have learned why cats love tuna so much.

Rover Releases the Most Popular Pet Names of 2023

Whether you’re stumped for a name for your new dog or cat, or you’re just curious to know what people are naming their pets these days, Rover has some answers f…

Study Finds That Cats Have Hundreds of Facial Expressions

If you’ve lived with cats for any length of time, you know that they express themselves in a variety of ways, and their faces can tell you a lot. Yet, there are…

Research Finds That Rats Have Imagination

Do animals have imagination? Many people wonder if animals are capable of imagining things in their minds the same way that humans can. Could a rat, for example…

Royal Corgis Make Way for Jack Russell Terriers

New palace pooches get the royal treatment they deserve. Guilty pleasure alert. Okay, let’s be honest and admit that with the final installation of that hit s…