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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

A cat repellent is a humane and efficient way to keep cats from ruining your garden, peeing in your yard, or destroying plants and furniture. This is our selection of the best cat repellent products, for indoor and outdoor use both.

Whether you’re trying to keep neighbor’s cats away from your garden or want to deter your own pet from scratching furniture or chewing your pretty plants, cat repellents can help you make sure felines don’t make a mess of things, wherever you need them to. Cats can be really stubborn and they tend to have an innate talent for destruction (many of my now dead plants can attest to the fact), and if you don’t react on time, you can kiss your prized possessions goodbye- or suffer uninvited guest on your property, that just happen to pee all over the place, dig out your garden, and get into fights with your own pets. Of course, even if it’s not your pet causing all the chaos but rather a neighbor’s cat or a stray passing through, you want to make sure that the repellent is humane and safe, as the goal is to deter the animal, not hurt them or cause distress.

Cat repellent products come in many shapes and forms and are designed for different situations and places, e.g. indoor cat repellent and outdoor cat repellent. These can be certain devices, such as motion-activated sprinklers or ultrasonic repellents, or products that are applied to spots that cat frequents- or those you want them not to visit, such as sprays, granules, or oils. The choice will depend on where you need to put the cat repellent and what kind of results you’re expecting to get. To make sure you make the best choice for your own unique needs, we’ve rounded up the best cat repellent products in various designs, so everyone can find a perfect fit.

Sometimes, the natural remedy proves to be the best solution, and that can be said for cat repellent products as well. For felines, the overwhelming smell of citrus is something to be avoided, so it’s no wonder that Green Gobbler All Natural Orange Oil Concentrate works as a fantastic cat deterrent for indoor and outdoor use both. As the name suggests, this is cold-pressed orange oil mixed with a plant-based (coconut) nonionic surfactant, and it is not toxic to pets- but the strong citrus smell will bother most cats and dogs enough to avoid anything sprayed with this concentrate. Dilute a few drops of this with water, spritz on the area you want to be feline-free, and you’re all set.

A versatile and practical product, this orange oil concentrate will not only be a great way to repel cats from your yard or keep your pet away from the furniture but can also be used as a natural cleaner for all surfaces around the home. Win-win!

Runner up: Nature’s Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray

Formulated specifically to keep pets away from areas that have been sprayed with the product, Nature’s Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray can help you train your pet not to sharpen their claws on the sofa or be used as a deterrent for outdoor cats visiting your garden to make a mess of it. The formula is concentrated and long-lasting, and based on smell repulsion- the ingredients include cinnamon oil and lemongrass oil, both of which have an overpowering smell that cats strongly dislike and get irritated by. As a result, any area treated with this spray will become a zone to avoid if you’re a kitty! Despite being a deterrent for cats (and dogs), this spray is fully pet-friendly and will not harm the felines in any way.

This cat repellent spray can be used indoors and outdoors, but if you’re spraying it on surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, or any other sensitive material, it’s best to do a spot check first to avoid any unfortunate scenarios such as staining or discoloration.

Customer’s choice: Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

While the name might paint a picture of a harsh and dangerous chemical, Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent is actually made from natural ingredients that are not toxic for the environment and won’t harm the cats, just make them want to avoid the treated areas. The formula includes many potent-smelling natural substances such as peppermint oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, and sulfur, and it can be used indoors and outdoors both- although, the strong fragrance might make you want to use this repellent outside, around the yard, garden, patios, or garbage cans if you have strays marking territory on your property or digging out your flower beds.

Biodegradable and non-toxic, this spray comes in a handy canister with a spray nozzle which allows for easier application and faster coverage of greater areas, so you can effectively treat the whole backyard in no time. Approximately, one treatment will keep cats away for a week, which is great- you just reapply the spraying every 7 days or when you notice a kitty coming back for more mischief.

Best for outdoors: Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

For most people looking to deter cats, it’s neighbors’ pets or local feral cats that they want to keep out of their property, and Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler is an excellent way to do just that. Motion-activated, this device will sprinkle anything that passes in front of it with water, which is more than enough to startle and discourage a cat from visiting the area where the sprinkler is installed- especially after getting wet a few times. In addition to spray, the device will also make noise and motion to scare away the furry intruder.

The wide-angle sprinkler can detect motion from up to 40 feet away and can be fully adjusted to make sure the uninvited kitties are not missed by the spraying- in other words, when set to a full circle, this sprinkler can cover 3,840 square feet and spray up to 70 feet in diameter. It is water-conserving and energy-efficient, too, as it can produce up to 7,500 activation cycles with a set of 4 AA alkaline batteries.

Best for indoors: PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Dog and Cat Deterrent

If you want a hassle-free way to train your kitty not to visit certain areas of the home, then a motion-activated cat repellent for indoor use is your best bet. PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Dog and Cat Deterrent is designed to make sure that there are still some off-limits parts of your home: the sensor detects motion and releases a quick burst of odorless and harmless spray if your pet gets within 3 feet of the device. Battery operated and with replaceable spray cans, this cat deterrent is really easy to use, and cost-effective too as each can produce around 80-100 sprays.

For perfect precision, the spray nozzle can be adjusted (3 up and down settings as well as 5 left and right settings) to hit the exact area your pet frequents without permission. Perfect if you want a surefire way to deter your pet from forbidden areas even when you’re not around!

Best for furniture: Stelucca Amazing Shields Furniture Protectors from Cats

Keeping cats away from furniture is not an easy feat. Every pet parent knows that there’s something irresistible in sofas and armchairs when it comes to sharpening claws- most often than not, your new furniture will be shredded and ruined in a matter of months. The best way to deter your cat from doing this is by blocking their access and preventing the one thing they want to achieve and that’s using furniture as a scratching post. Stelucca Amazing Shields Furniture Protectors from Cats might not smell or spray your pet but it’s the most effective cat furniture deterrent as its slippery surface prevents the cat from sharpening her claws or reaching the upholstery. Easy peasy- just place these transparent shields and ruin your pet’s fun- that’s bound to repel them!

Large and transparent, these shields are easy to install but won’t come off if your kitty paws at them. The best part is that sticking them on upholstery or leather won’t ruin the sofa! Also, they are flexible and can be cut to size so you won’t have any issue adjusting them to your furniture.

Best ultrasonic: Petwudi Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent

A popular option for outdoor cat repellent products is ultrasonic devices that use an intense ultrasonic signal to chase away feline intruders. Petwudi Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent is a solar-powered deterrent that successfully keeps cats away without relying on harsh chemicals or loud noise that could bother you or your neighbors. Triggered by motion, this device will emit a sound that humans can’t hear but it’s within the hearing range of animals: it will startle and scare away cats with ease.

Easy to install, this device can be placed in the ground with the provided spike (perfect if it’s garden or flower beds you want to keep feline-free) or hung on the wall. It needs no batteries or electric power to work: all it takes is sun rays and this deterrent will work its magic day and night! To boot, you won’t even know it’s there (unlike those kitties trying to dig out your flowers).

Best mat: Cat Repellent Outdoor Scat Mat: Pet Deterrent Mats for Cats

For those looking to block access to their flower beds, kitchen countertops, or prized potted plants, a scat mat can be a great choice: these repellent mats are designed to send a clear “stay away” message to kitties. Cat Repellent Outdoor Scat Mat: Pet Deterrent Mats for Cats is made from clear plastic and features spikes all over its surface- while they will not pierce the skin or actually hurt your pet, they are very unpleasant to step on and the stabbing sensation will most definitely deter even the most stubborn kitties from trying to get to the mat-surrounded area.

The pack includes 6 mats measuring 16 by 13 inches, which can be used outdoors or indoors. A humane and simple way to train your kitty or block access to a feral cat visiting your property!

How to Keep Cats Out of The Garden

While cats can be the cuddliest, cutest creatures when they are purring in your lap, the fact remains that felines are considered apex predators despite their domesticated ways. In urban and rural surroundings (to an extent), cats are at the top of the food chain, and they have their pick of meals in the buffet that is the outdoor world, so to speak. On average, a single cat can kill up to 75 other animals a year, and usually, their owners either see a fraction of that or stay none the wiser, clueless to their pet’s murderous adventures. Naturally, many people, cat owners or not, want to make sure that pets don’t disrupt the ecosystem and endanger local fauna, so it’s best to keep them away from gardens, where they’ll prey on birds, small rodents, and such, all of which have their role to help the flora thrive. Not to mention that many cats mark their territory or dig out holes in garden beds where they pee and poop, so in most cases, feline guests are not welcome in gardens.

Outdoor cat repellent products can be solar or battery-powered and operate in a way that deters cats- be it ultrasonic sounds that irritate them, or sprinklers that chase them away with sprays of water. Either way, these devices are usually motion-activated, so they’ll do their magic as soon as they detect movement in front of the unit, which can be problematic if you need to install it somewhere where you or your own pets pass through throughout the day. Alternatively, you can rely on scents to keep kitties away. There are multiple options available in this case, as there are granules, oils, and sprays that carry the scent, but there are also various types of smells that cast strongly dislike and tend to avoid places that “reek” of it. This can be the smell of predator urine (such as fox or coyote), or something plant-based, such as citruses which most cats detest.

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