Best Cat Spinning Toys

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There are a lot of innovative pet toys on the market to help you keep your cat active, happy, and healthy. Spinning toys are popular because they are a type of electronic toy that is so simple, yet cats love them. To help you find the right spinning toy for your feline companion, we’ve compiled some helpful tips below, along with a list of 10 toys that we think are worth checking out when you’re ready to shop. 

Spinning toys will move on their own, so they can mimic prey animals that scurry and try to get away from a cat when she is hunting. Unlike other types of toys that just sit there on the ground, spinning toys that run on batteries can be turned on and placed on the ground to start moving erratically, grabbing your kitty’s attention, piquing her curiosity, and encouraging her to play. She’ll want to stop the toy’s movements just like she would want to capture a prey animal, like a bird or mouse, and stop it from moving. 

Adding some spinning toys to the mix can be a great way to keep things interesting, especially if your cat tends to get bored with her toys right away. Sure, mice toys and feather wands are great, but spinning toys offer something different, and they can also be a nice choice when you want to give your kitty something to play with on her own whenever you can’t interact with her. 

Even though spinning toys can be used for solo play sessions, it is always best to keep an eye on your kitty while she plays with these toys, just to be sure she stays safe. Inspect the toys regularly to be sure they’re in good condition, and replace them if there are any loose or damaged parts. 

Overall, the great thing about spinning toys is that you can just set them up and then turn them on for your cat to play with. So they’re simple and effective when it comes to enticing your kitty to get some exercise.

Once you start looking for spinning toys that your cats can play with to stay active and get some exercise, you will quickly realize that there are quite a few different types to choose from. 

For example, there are spinning toys in the form of a ball that spins on the ground, often with a wand attached that has an additional toy at the top, such as a bunch of feathers, to get your cat’s attention. There are also spinning toys that work with a sheet that conceals a feather wand to mimic the movements of prey. And there are toys that spin feathers on a wand that’s attached to a base that doesn’t move. 

With so many different types of spinning toys to choose from, you can purchase the one you think your kitty would like best, or you can buy a variety of spinning toys and let her show you which types she prefers most.  

To help you find the right spinning toy for your feline companion, we’ve looked at the options that are out there, and we’ve listed several of them below, in no particular order, that we think are worth considering. 

As you browse the various products that are available, think about the types of toys that your kitty loves playing with, and then use her preferences as a guide when shopping for spinning toys. It might take a little trial and error, but with so many spinning toys, you might find it surprisingly easy to get a toy that your pet will love.   

The Catit Play Spinning Bee Interactive Cat Toy spins around and sends out laser beams, so your kitty can get excited by the erratic movements of this toy and the little red dot that she can try to chase down. And the little bee at the top of the wand is also sure to get your cat’s attention and inspire her inner hunter to come out. 

You can even put some of your kitty’s treats or kibble inside the ball of this toy. The treats will fall out of a small hole on the side of the ball while it spins during playtime, so she gets a reward for her efforts at getting the red dot (this is helpful because cats can become frustrated by never being able to successfully hunt down the dot).   

Made of durable materials, this spinning toy measures 3.8” x 5” x 8”. Overall, this is a great toy that your pet can swat at, pounce on, and try to stop with her paws, so it can help your cat stay active and avoid boredom. It requires batteries that are not included, and replacing the batteries is easy because you don’t need to use any tools to do so.

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The Ethical Pet Spin About Electronic Laser & Treat Dispenser Cat Toy is another spinning toy that features a ball with a wand, but this one has feathers at the top, so it can be a good choice for kitties that can’t resist feather toys. It spins around unpredictably to get your cat’s attention and entice her to pounce, but it also holds little treats inside the ball, and they fall out intermittently as the toy spins around. And it also features a laser that sends out that elusive red dot that cats love to chase. Then, after 10 minutes, it will turn off automatically to give your cat a break, and to help preserve the life of the batteries. 

This spinning toy, which measures roughly 3.25” x 4.25” x 9”, runs on 2 AA batteries, which are not included. It can be a good option for solo play, but you should supervise your feline friend while she is using this toy. And if your cat has become bored with other types of toys, this can be a good addition to her collection to switch things up and introduce a new, interesting toy to the mix. 

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The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Cat Toy is designed to encourage your kitty to play and stay active. If your pet likes to go after your feet or your hands when they’re moving under the sheets on your bed, this toy might be just right for her. 

This spinning toy can help unleash your feline companion’s inner hunter because it uses feathers on the end of a wand that spins around in circles unpredictably under a round sheet. The moving parts mimic the movements of prey animals, and the blinking lights also help get your cat’s attention. Plus, you can even customize how this toy works, thanks to two speeds that you can choose from, and the wand attachment can be changed as well. 

This toy, which measures 22.51” x 22.51” x 2.99”, runs on three AA batteries, which are not included. It can encourage solo play for one or more kitties, but it is always best to supervise your cats while they play with their toys. Also, it has been tested to child safety standards, and when you need to clean it, you can simply wipe it with a clean, moist towel. Plus, if you are looking for a product that contains eco-friendly materials, this toy’s base and wand are made from recycled plastic. 

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The Petlinks Mystery Motion Concealed Electronic Motion Cat Toy is yet another product that features a round sheet and a hidden wand that makes a feather toy spin in unpredictable ways, enticing your cat to stalk and pounce. Simply turn it on, choose from the four speed settings (slow, medium, fast, and random), and then let the toy mimic the movements of prey trying to hide. Plus, because you can adjust the speed, you can give your cat plenty of variety with this one toy, so that may help prevent her from getting bored with it right away. 

This spinning toy for cats measures 23.5” x 23.5” x 3.2”, and it can be used to encourage solo play (just keep in mind that it is best to supervise your pets while they play). To clean this toy, wipe it with a clean, moist towel, and then dry it completely. It does require three AA batteries, which are not included. And if you want to go with a more eco-friendly toy, the good news is that this product’s outer casing is made from recycled plastic. 

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The Petlinks Pure Commotion Spinning Wand Cat Toy is an interactive toy that is designed to mimic the way a bird looks while flying. What cat wouldn’t be attracted to that, right? Basically, the base moves a flexible wand with a detachable feather, whipping and spinning it unpredictably so your feline friend will want to catch it. And the nice thing is that this toy lets you choose the speed (select from slow, medium, fast, and random). Just turn the knob that’s found on the base of the toy to change up the speed and keep your kitty interested in playing with it. 

This toy also has a built-in timer that you can set at 15-minute intervals. The maximum amount of time that you can have it on is two hours. It runs on three AA batteries, which are not included, and its plastic outer casing and its wand are made with recycled plastic, which is a great feature for eco-conscious consumers. Also, it measures 9.8” x 7” x 7”, and you can purchase replacement wands as well so you can keep the fun going. 

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This unique product combines a spinning toy with a scratching post. Your cat can chase after the boa feathers and ribbons hanging on the ends of two wands that extend out from the top of a scratching post, and she can use the scratching post to keep her claws in tip-top shape for hunting.

The carpeted surface is attractive to kitties, and it may be helpful if your cat tends to go after your furniture to stretch and scratch. And there are replacement wands that you can purchase separately to keep the fun going even if your kitty wears out the ones that come with the toy. 

This toy, which measures 11” x 11” x 20”, is designed to be easy to set up. It isn’t electronic, so it doesn’t require any batteries. Instead, every time your kitty swats at the dangling toys, they will spin around and get away from her, encouraging her to continue working on chasing and grabbing her “prey.” The sturdy base helps keep the toy in place while your cat uses it, the vertical scratching post encourages stretching, and this toy can also be a good option if you want to give your pet something that she can play with on her own whenever she wants. 

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The Ethical Pet Spin Around Cat Track Motion Cat Toy is another spinning toy that offers different features that help it stand out from the rest. It boasts a stationary base that includes a track with a jingle ball that your cat can spin around and around. And it also has a removable feather wand that you can use when you want to transform solo play into interactive play with your furry friend. When it’s on the base, the teaser wand will move 360° on its own after you turn the toy on, thus mimicking the way that a bird would move in flight. 

Overall, this toy can be a good way to encourage your pet to stay active. It measures 2.5” x 9.25” x 8”, and it runs on batteries. Whether you use its electronic features to let your kitty play with it on her own, or you use the wand and ball as they are, it can be a nice addition to your pet’s spinning toy collection. 

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The Petlinks Electronic Motion Cat Toys are a great way to add interesting new toys to the mix when your kitty has become bored with her current toys. The Dizzy Thing, in particular, is a spinning toy that features felt leaves and a fluffy tuft to get your cat interested in it. Turn it on so it will spin and roll around erratically, causing the little leaves to take flight in the process. Plus, this toy will also pause and start unexpectedly to encourage your cat to tackle it and stop it. 

This electronic toy features a quiet motor, so if your kitty is a little skittish or won’t go near a noisy toy, this might be a good option to try. It is appropriate for all life stages, and the batteries are replaceable. Plus, the plastic housing is made with recycled plastic, which is a nice eco-friendly feature. 

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The Petlinks System Wild Thing Electronic Motion Cat Toy is yet another type of spinning cat toy that has a round base with a feather wand that will get your cat’s attention when it starts moving in unexpected ways. Kitties that like feather toys are likely to be intrigued by this product, and you can purchase replacement wands whenever you need to make this toy as good as new again if your cat ends up wearing out the original wand. Simply turn this toy on to let it twist, turn, and wobble, and watch your cat work on trying to stop its movements like she would try to stop prey in its tracks. 

This toy, which measures 4”, requires two AA batteries that are not included. And, like other toys on this list, this one also features plastic parts that are made with recycled plastic, so it’s a good option for those who want to stick with eco-friendly products whenever possible. 

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Last on our list is the Petlinks Rowdy Rustler Electronic Motion Cat Toy, which is designed to help your cat feel the thrill of the hunt. Turn it on to encourage your kitty to get active by pouncing, chasing, and doing her best to stop this toy in its tracks. The ball will move around and spin on the floor in unpredictable ways, and the ribbons at the top will grab your cat’s attention as they spin around as well. 

What makes this lightweight and durable toy different is that it comes with a small nylon tent for the spinning toy. Your cat will want to get the moving toy out from under the tent when she sees it moving and hears the rustling sounds it makes. Great for cats of all ages, your kitty will think she’s hunting a mouse hiding in bushes when she plays with this spinning toy, which runs on two AA batteries that are easy to replace whenever necessary so you can keep the fun going. 

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So, which spinning toys do you think are the right choice for your pet?