Our Picks of the Best Heated Cat Beds

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio

Is your kitty looking for a warm, comfy place to curl up? You’re in luck – we’ve rounded up our picks of the best heated cat beds.

Felines love lounging in a warm and comfortable spot for hours on end, so it’s no wonder that they will often gravitate towards a heated bed, especially when the temperature drops. And it’s also no surprise that there are a lot of pet product companies that have produced high-quality heated cat beds for even the pickiest kitties.

The right heated pet bed can provide a host of benefits. For example, while cats of all ages can enjoy heated beds, if you have a kitty who is experiencing mobility problems, or if you have a senior cat who is dealing with stiffness as a result of conditions like arthritis, the heat might help you provide your pet with extra comfort. Even kittens who need some extra warmth might find a heated bed helpful.

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of heated cat beds to choose from, so you don’t have to feel restricted at all. For example, you can check out the features of the many cat beds that you can simply plug in to create warmth quickly once your pet lies down in the bed, or you can look into microwavable heating pads that can be inserted into a pet bed to make it nice and toasty. Or, you can even find self-warming cat beds that will heat up on their own, without electricity, when your pet is lying in them, in case you don’t want to have to plug anything in.

So, what are some of the top picks in the world of heated cat beds that you can consider when shopping for one of these popular pet products? We’ve compiled a list of 10 options that we think you’ll like, and we’ve listed them below, in no particular order.

1. Editor’s Choice: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed comes in two sizes, small and large, and two colors, mocha and sage. All you have to do is plug it in to provide warmth to your kitty when the weather is chilly, but it can also be a cozy bed for her to sleep in even when the temperature is warm.

This cat bed has high, soft foam walls, so your pet can feel totally safe in it. The bed will heat anywhere from 12 to 15 degrees above ambient room temperature when your kitty is not using it. Then, when your feline companion is in the bed, it will adjust to her body temperature to help ensure she remains completely cozy and comfortable.

Another nice feature: this heated bed has been tested and certified by MET Labs to exceed electrical safety standards. And, whenever you need to clean this cat bed, all you have to do is remove the heater and the foam walls. Then, you can wash the cover in your washing machine before drying it and putting it back on the bed.

Note: You can also check out the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Deluxe Cat Bed, which is basically the same bed, but with a removable hood that you can zipper on and off, as needed. This accessory can be another helpful way to make your pet feel safe while relaxing or napping.

2. Runner Up: NICREW Pet Heating Pad

The NICREW Pet Heating Pad is great for both cats and dogs, as it’s really soft for comfort, and it has an electric heating element that will help ensure your furry friend is always warm and comfortable.

This bed comes with a 7-foot, steel-capped, chew-resistant cord. All you have to do is plug it in to keep it heated. You can choose between 4, 8, 12 hours or choose the 24 hours stay on feature for constant heat.

Also, this heated cat bed measures 17.7” x 15.7”, so it is a good choice if you are looking for a bed that is big enough to really give your cat space. Plus, it has 6 heat settings so you can tailor the warmth level to your cat’s needs and outside temperature – coziness up to each cat’s individual standards. The fleece cover is also removable and machine washable for your convenience!

3. Customer’s Choice: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat

Sometimes, all your cat wants is a nice warm mat to lie on, and that’s when a K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat might come in really handy. It features a dual thermostat, 6-watt heater that is placed under soft foam, so your cat will have a comfortable, heated bed to go to whenever she wants. Available in 3 colors – grey, sage, or mocha– this easy-to-use heated cat bed can be placed anywhere your kitty prefers to rest, whether that’s on your bed or sofa, on the floor, or near a window.

The surface of this heated cat mat will remain anywhere from 12 to 15 degrees above the ambient air temperature in the room, and the mat will also warm to your kitty’s body temperature whenever she is lying on it. Plus, you can rest assured that this product meets MET Labs standards for safety.

Whenever you need to clean this heated mat, you can just remove the cover to wash it. Keep in mind that this cat bed is designed to be used indoors only, but it might be a great option if you are planning on traveling with your cat and you want to give your pet her own place to rest.

4. Best Orthopedic: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed

Yet another great option from K&H Pet Products is their Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, which is available in two sizes (small and round or large and oval) and two colors (blue and mocha). Your kitty will likely love the orthopedic foam that this heated pet bed boasts, as it can provide an extremely comfortable surface for rest and sleep. Plus, there is an overstuffed bolster along the edge of the whole bed, so your pet can feel a little more secure while warming up.

Designed for indoor use only, this is another heating pad option if you don’t want to go with a traditional cat bed with high sides. The electric bed just needs to be plugged in, but you can rest assured that it operates on low wattage (4 watts for the small size, and 7 watts for the large size), so it’s an energy efficient product. Also, this bed is thermostatically controlled so it will respond automatically to temperature changes and turn on and off as needed. This helps ensure your pet will always remain warm and comfortable on this bed. And, like other items from K&H, this bed has been tested and certified by MET Laboratories to exceed electrical safety standards.

Put simply, when your cat isn’t on the bed, it will remain up to 15 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature, but when your cat is in the bed, it will warm up. Then, when you need to clean this heated cat bed, all you have to do is remove the heater and machine wash the cover.

5. Best Basic: MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad

The MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad is available in two sizes, and it is another product that can create a perfect spot for your kitty to nap in. You can place this pad in your kitty’s preferred nap spot, or you might consider placing it in your feline friend’s cat house or a larger cat bed to make her favorite area even cozier.

Easy to use and set up anywhere in your home, you don’t need to adjust timing or temperature for this heated cat bed to work. All you have to do is plug it in, and then let it automatically reach the ideal temperature for your kitty with the help of its internal dual thermostats. When your pet lies down on this bed, it will warm up so that it approximately matches your pet’s body temperature. On the other hand, when your pet isn’t on the bed, the surface will cool down until it reaches roughly 10 to 15 degrees above the ambient temperature in the room.

The nice thing about this heated cat bed is the fact that it is waterproof and easy to clean. Just remove and wash the cover in your washing machine whenever necessary. Plus, this bed also boasts a chew-resistant cord for added safety. As a testament to its quality (and popularity with pet parents), this heated bed for cats boasts Amazon’s Choice award.

6. Best Simple Design: Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cat

If you are in search of a simple heated pet bed, check out the Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cat. You actually get two beds in one package, so you get a smaller bed and a larger one to suit your pet’s preferences. And because these are mats, you can place them just about anywhere, such as in another pet bed, on the floor, and in your kitty’s favorite place to lounge.

This is a self-heating bed that boasts a layer of Mylar, which is the insulating material that is also used in spacesuits. The bed is able to absorb and hold heat, as well as reflect your cat’s body heat, creating a cozy spot for napping and relaxing.

Other nice features include the rubberized underside that helps ensure this heated cat bed will stay in place; the soft, velvety microfiber cover; and the springy foam that is thick and soft, as well as hypoallergenic. Plus, these handy self-heating mats might be just what you need if you travel with your pet and you want to be able to pack a heated bed more easily.

7. Best Self Warming: Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

The Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed is a great choice if you are planning on going with a heated cat bed that you don’t need to plug in. Plus, this product comes in several colors and shapes, such as round, rectangular, and pillow, so you can give your kitty a few different warm spots for napping throughout the house.

The interior of this heated cat bed features a Mylar heat-reflecting layer that basically reflects your kitty’s body heat to provide extra warmth. The faux wool fabric also provides an extra amount of coziness that your pet is sure to enjoy. And the bottom is non-slip, so you can put this pet bed on the floor if that is where your pet prefers to rest.

Another appealing feature is the fact that you can take this heated pet bed on the road with you when you travel with your kitty, as it’s lightweight and portable. And, to keep this bed nice and clean, the manufacturer recommends simply washing it by hand. Having its many qualities in mind, it doesn’t surprise that this self-warming heated cat bed was awarded as Amazon’s Choice.

8. Best Sack: K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack Cat Bed

For something a little bit different, consider getting your pet the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack Cat Bed. This is another great option for anyone who would prefer a product that keeps your furry friend warm without having to plug anything in. Basically, this product works by radiating heat back to your cat’s body, so when she is lying in it, she will start to warm up and feel snug and comfortable as a result.

Because this particular cat bed is actually shaped like a sack, it also serves as a fun play area for frisky felines. If your kitty likes to play in bags and boxes, she might be thrilled to be able to play in this bed as well. Consider putting your cat’s favorite toys in this bed to encourage her to use it for playing and resting.

The entrance to the bed is sturdy, which is definitely a plus, and the material is non-crinkle. The exterior is made of polyester fleece, while the interior material is micro fleece. Plus, this bed is machine washable, so cleaning it is really easy.

9. Best Cave: Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

Your cat will look amusing and adorable once she crawls into the Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave and sticks her head out. Similar to the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack Cat Bed discussed above, this is another heated cat bed to consider if you want to go with a design that’s different from the usual pet bed design.

Cats like the feeling of being safe in their own little cave, and this heated cat bed does the trick. But what makes this bed even more unique is the fact that you can set it up to be used in four different ways. First, you can use it as a cave. Second, you can place it flat so that your cat can rest on top of it. Third, you can set it up like a more traditional cat bed, in the “cup” shape that your kitty will love sitting in. And, finally, you can turn the fabric inward to create a “pod” shape for your cat instead.

The materials used to make this heated cat bed include faux fur, fleece, and microfiber. Foam padding helps ensure the bed is super comfortable for cats of all ages. And when it isn’t in use, you can easily fold it up to store it away. Plus, the microfiber on the exterior of this pet bed is antibacterial, making it easier to give your kitty a clean place to lounge in.

10. Best Microwavable: Snuggle Safe Microwavable Pet Pad

If you are looking for a heated cat bed that isn’t self warming and doesn’t require plugging in then it is time to turn on your microwave! The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwavable Heating Pad warms up in your microwave quickly and safely. It isn’t actually a bed but more of a heating pad that you can use under your cat’s bed or blanket which will transform whatever your cat is sleeping on into a warm heated bed. Once heated the pad will provide up to 10 hours of warmth which is a great trade off for a few minutes in the microwave.

It is super portable and works well for small kittens who aren’t regulating their own temperatures yet or for senior cats that need a little extra warmth. The warming element is Thermapol, which is non-toxic and safe so you can feel secure why your kitten cozily slumbers. With over 3,000 reviews and a stellar rating of 4.6, it’s easy to see why this convenient heating pad for pets was awarded Amazon’s Choice – and why it’s so popular with pet parents.

Your Kitty Will Love Her New Heated Bed!

Cats seek out safe, cozy, comfortable, and warm places where they can relax and rest. So, if you want to upgrade your pet’s bed, a heated cat bed or mat might be the ideal choice. With so many designs to choose from, and the variety of heating methods available, you can select the beds and mats that your kitty will immediately snuggle into.

Are heated beds good for cats?

You’ve probably already noticed that your kitty is drawn to snug, warm spots in the house – it goes without saying that they’ll adore their new heating bed. Cats like warmth and as such, heating beds are great for them as they provide that snug, cozy feel they crave. Not to mention that heated beds are quite beneficial for senior cats with aching joints, as sleeping in a warm bed can soothe and alleviate their pain.

What to consider when buying heated cat beds?

The first thing to consider is if you want the bed to be electric or not. If it’s an electric heated cat bed you want, be sure that the cord is chew-proof and that the bed is rated as safe, as a cheaply made electric pet could seriously endanger your cat. If it’s a non-electric heated cat bed, there are options between self-warming and microwavable addons for beds to keep your kitty cozy while they nap. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is big enough for your pet, more or less fluffy and filled (whatever your pet prefers sleeping on) and that it’s easy to keep clean – machine-washable bed covers can be a lifesaver!

Can you leave a cat heating pad on all night?

In theory, you could, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so many manufacturers recommend that the heating pad is on only when you can be there to supervise your cat. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, such as malfunctioning of the wires, and there could be serious consequences to that, including fire. However, most quality heating pads are well-tested and confirmed safe, so follow their specific guidelines – many have auto shut off function after a while and similar safety features. If you want to have a peace of mind and to keep your kitty warm at night, a self-warming bed might be a more reliable choice.

How long should a cat lay on a heating pad?

Heating pads can get quite warm so it’s best not to go overboard with time you let your cat spend on one. A good rule of thumb is to let your pet lay on a heating pad for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, with longer breaks in between. Heating pads sometimes can’t regulate temperature and can lead to overheating, so be sure to place something in between the heating pad and the cat’s body, e.g. a blanket or a pillow.

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