Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

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Do you think your cat would like being in the great outdoors every now and then? Maybe she likes to spend a lot of time looking out the window at the birds outside, or she loves lounging in the sunshine. Well, with the right outdoor cat enclosure, you can let her get fresh air in your own backyard, all while resting assured that she will be safe.

What are some of the best outdoor cat enclosures to consider when you’re ready to shop for one that your feline companion can use? We’ve compiled a list of 9 products, and you can find them below, showcased in no particular order to help you see the various options that are on the market today.

  1. JAXPETY Cat Wooden House, Small Animal Outdoor Pen

If you are looking for a large outdoor cat enclosure, check out the JAXPETY Cat Wooden House. This is an outdoor pen designed for dogs, cats, and other pets, and it can be placed wherever you want it to be in your backyard. You can set it up to be a freestanding structure, or you can set it up like a catio because it has removable back panels that will allow your kitty access it from a door or window in your home.

This outdoor enclosure for pets measures about 71” tall, 66.5” long, and 35” wide. Therefore, it can comfortably fit more than one kitty, so it might be a perfect option for multi-cat households.

Constructed of wood and metal mesh, this pet enclosure has a flat roof that is covered in durable green asphalt to help protect your kitty from the sun’s harsh rays. And it also comes with six platforms that you can put on the sides of the enclosure, at varying levels, so your kitty can opt to lounge on the ground or find a comfy spot to check out the surroundings from a high perch.

You will need to put this product together, but the hardware is included, along with assembly instructions. Overall, if you don’t mind the assembly, and you are looking for a big enclosure that your kitties can use while remaining safe outside, this might be the one that you need.

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  1. EcoFlex Kitty Katio Pen

If you’re looking for a large outdoor enclosure that will make your cat feel comfortable and safe but outdoors, the EcoFlex Kitty Katio Pen from New Age Pet will certainly do the job. It’s got plenty of height—76” tall, but don’t be fooled because it really is easy to assemble. So easy, you don’t even need tools for assembly.

What’s really cool about the Kitty Katio Pen is that it’s made from a proprietary material called ECOFLEX. ECOFLEX is, as the name implies, eco-friendly and a composite material that won’t absorb any moisture. Not from weather, not from potty accidents, not from anything. And, the NeverRust stainless steel wire that’s used for containment means that there is literally nothing you have to do to maintain the pen but let your cat live, meow and love in it.

Cat parents especially love that you can paint it to match whatever color your outdoor décor is, and you can even configure it to open as one door or a two-piece Dutch door depending on your cat’s preferences. Pair all that with a 10-year limited warranty and it’s a win!

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  1. Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House

If you want to give your cat some outdoor time in her own little kitty condo away from home, this is the outdoor cat house to do it in. It’s like her very own time on the Cape, and she’ll feel just like a Kennedy in this gorgeous configuration. The asphalt roof is waterproof but your cat will love the roomy balcony too. It will give her opportunity to play, bask in the sun, relax and sleep as she takes in a good dose of fresh air.

The ramp is solid wood and will offer your cat tons of opportunity for sitting and stalking, or just pretending to be a wild cat preying, but you won’t have to worry about it getting icky or moldy after rain. The two big front doors offer easy curtain access and even if kitty wants to be out in poor weather (or if you’re helping house ferals, this is perfect).

There’s a large space for different activities should your cat have friends to invite over, and you can always mix things up by adding attachments (additionally available) for expansion or just your cat’s preference. The paint used is non-toxic and your cat is sure to feel like the fabulous feline she is when she’s mistress of this manor.

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  1. BWM CatHouse Outdoor Run

Want your cat to feel like they have a retreat to escape to when the pressures of daily feline life are just getting to be too much? The BWM CatHouse Outdoor Run is just the place.

It’s a hide-away that will give your kitty some privacy with two enclosed upper rooms and two open under shelves. Your feline will be able to lounge, sleep, ground herself and enjoy the fresh air with the two mesh windows bringing in the breeze and perfect viewing spots. For the cautious cat who thinks they want to be outdoor kitties but don’t really, it’s a great way to let them have their daily stimulation from outside without the fear of them running off or getting away.

Made of a natural and eco-friendly fir wood, the dimensions are generous: 74.8 “x 33.2″x 66.7”. We think your cat’s favorite part may be the window pane or sliding door as they’ll feel like they’ve got complete autonomy. The small, hinged door and flat roof really are what will offer them the denned safety they’re looking for while they show their outdoor claws to the world. Safely, of course. There’s space for a few cats, so if you’re interested in finding something that will work for a small feral colony this could be a perfect destination for them to be when they’re not out mousing for you.

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  1. Elite Soft Pet PlayPen

This is a bit of a different direction you can take if you’re just looking for something that’s quick and easy to give your cat some outdoor hanging time. It’s super flexible and easy to assemble, but just as easy to disassemble and bring back in or keep on a porch for temporary ins and outs of your cat.

It’s not as wide as some of the other outdoor cat options we’re featuring, but if you don’t have a ton of space and your cat still wants to be able to get out and about a bit. The ventilation is more than ample, though, and the pen itself is durable despite being so lightweight and temporary.

There are two doors that each have locking zippers (last we checked, they hadn’t developed opposable thumbs yet!) and two accessory pockets and a water bottle pocket should you decide to take your kitty to the park and have a picnic or playdate.

The floor mat and top cover are easy to remove and the floor mat is machine washable—making it even more convenient for plopping wherever your cat wants to get out and feel some (cautious) oats.

That it comes in several colors and sizes is a bonus, but honestly—you’ll love the ease in which you can put it together and take it apart, making it a perfect thing to have to allow your cat outdoor time no matter the season or situation.

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  1. Aivituvin Large Cat House

The Aivituvin Large Cat House is a catio cage that is on four wheels, so it is easy to move around and set it into position when your kitty is ready to spend time outside. This is a large enclosure, so it is a good choice if you have more than one cat. It is made of 100% natural fir wood that is naturally resistant to decay and rot, and it also features eco-friendly paint.

Measuring 35.5” long by 31.5” wide and 70.9” high, this cat house features a waterproof asphalt roof for protection, a little house that your pet can rest in, and three platforms that allow your cat to get a great view of what’s going on outside. And the bottom of this enclosure has a removable PVC layer that is easy to clean. Plus, the enclosure has two large front doors, along with two small doors that slide up and down and are just the right size for your kitty to go in and out when it is safe to do so.

To make this already large enclosure even bigger and more spacious for multiple cats, you can purchase two of them, remove the side panel, and set them up together. Whether you purchase one or two of these enclosures, though, you will need to assemble this product. The instructions are included, and there are helpful pre-drilled holes, but it might take around 90 minutes to get the job done.

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  1. Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure for Lawns

The Kittywalk Lawn Outdoor Cat Enclosure is a little different from the rest. It still lets your kitty enjoy the great outdoors safely, but it is basically a long tunnel that you can set up right on your lawn (it won’t harm your lawn). Additionally, this net enclosure can also be used on your deck, patio, or balcony.

Your cat can walk across this enclosure, lie down in it, and check out what’s going on around her. But this enclosure doesn’t have any platforms of its own. Instead, what you can do is set it up with a variety of other Kittywalk products, such as the Kittywalk Kabana, Kittywalk Curves, and the Kittywalk Deck and Patio, all of which you would need to buy separately.

This product features open net construction, solid steel components, and rip stop netting. Your kitty will be able to enjoy a maximum amount of ventilation and visibility, and all you have to do is stake it firmly into the ground to get it ready for use. In fact, it should only take seconds to set it up because there is no assembly required. And it is totally enclosed for safety, featuring two doors, so once your cat is inside, you can let her have fun while keeping an eye on her.

Another nice thing about this enclosure is that it is weather resistant, so it is designed to withstand the elements of every season. And if you want to take it with you when you travel, there is a storage bag included.

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  1. DAPU 4 in 1 Compound Pet Playpen

The DAPU 4 in 1 Compound Pet Playpen gives your kitties loads of space to lounge and play while in your backyard enjoying the views. It is portable and adjustable, and its popup design makes it simple to set up. All you have to do is attach and detach the separate pieces with the zippers, and you can stake this product into your lawn easily. Plus, when you are done using it, it will fold down neatly, and you can even take it with you when you travel using the carrying case that is included.

This one product comes with the following pieces:

  • A square tent that measures 31.5” x 31.5” x 31.5”
  • A hexagon tent that measures 395.” x 39.5” x 35.5”
  • A triangle tent that measures 47” x 28” x 28”
  • A 3-way tunnel that is 63” x 19.6”

Rather than giving your pet one place to stay in the entire time she is outside, this enclosure lets her decide where she wants to be, and it lets her move around a big space easily so she can get a better view of small wildlife or get some space away from your other cats if she isn’t in the mood for snuggling or playing with them. And what’s attractive about this product, too, is that it is large enough to put a litter box, food and water bowls, and scratching post inside the tents.

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  1. DAPU 3 in 1 Compound Pet Play House

The DAPU 3 in 1 Compound Pet Play House is another option offered by this brand, and this one gives your kitty more vertical space to relax in. The jumping tower offers three levels, so your cat can decide how high she wants to go.

Large enough for playing, lounging, and running, this is a great option when you want to let your pet spend time outside while remaining safe and entertained. This product comes with the following:

  • A pet tower that is 21” x 21” x 60”
  • A hexagon tent that is 39.5” x 39.5” x 35.5”
  • A running tunnel that measures 63” x 19.6”

Super easy to assemble, to set up this enclosure securely, all you have to do is use the ground stakes that are included in the package. Also, this product is adjustable and portable, so you can take it with you when you travel, and you can choose to use each tent individually or together. Plus, the enclosure is also large enough for things like a small litter box, food bowls, and toys.

When your kitty is done using the enclosure, just fold it down and put it in the carrying case for storage. And, when you are ready to use it again, just set it up by attaching the pieces using the zippers.

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Don’t Forget to Supervise Your Pets While They’re in Their Outdoor Enclosure

Whenever your cat is in her outdoor enclosure, it’s best to supervise her by staying nearby. You want her to remain secure at all times, and you want her to have some shade so she can be comfortable even when the sun is shining.

With the right enclosure, you can rest easy, knowing that your cat can’t escape and run off. The ultimate goal is to keep her comfortable and safe, while letting her have some fun. The enclosures discussed above are a good place to start, but there are plenty more where those came from.