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If you haven’t thought about giving your cat a tunnel to play in, or if you don’t think your kitty would benefit from one, it’s worth reconsidering. In fact, many experts recommend getting your feline friend at least one tunnel that she can use to hide, play, or relax and nap whenever she wants. 

The right tunnel will be constructed from high-quality materials, and it will be able to withstand your kitty’s antics. Plus, it will make her feel safe and secure, whether she wants to sleep or get some exercise.

To help you shop smarter, we have compiled a short guide on cat tunnels. Check out the info below to learn more about the benefits that these products can provide, and to browse a list of some of our top recommendations for when you are ready to shop. 

Tunnels are one of the most sought-after cat toys on the market, which is why so many brands have so many different types of tunnels that you can choose from. In fact, there are even tunnels that you can use in your backyard as part of outdoor enclosures if your kitty is the type that likes to spend some time outside while you are supervising her. 

There are many reasons why cats like to play in tunnels, and why they are a great form of environmental enrichment for felines. For example:

  • Tunnels can be used during playtime by cats of all ages, from kittens to seniors. And you can even use a tunnel to interact with your fur baby and bond with her while she exercises and lets out her inner hunter. Kitties like to hide in a secure spot where they can unexpectedly pounce at their “prey,” and a tunnel can be the ideal hiding place for that purpose. 
  • If you have more than one cat, they can all use the tunnel to chase each other, hide from each other, and play with toys. And if your kitty wants to play on her own, she can do that too, especially if you place some exciting toys inside the tunnel. 
  • In addition to being used for play, a tunnel can also be a good place where your kitty can go when she wants to have some time alone, when she feels the need to hide for any reason, or when she just wants to take a nap in a secure little space. 
  • Experts recommend trying tunnels if you have a cat that’s scared to come out of her hiding spots around the house, such as behind furniture or under the bed. The tunnel might make her feel comfortable enough to come out and check her surroundings. You can even use strategically placed tunnels to ensure your pet can find her way to food, water, and the litter box even if she’s too scared to come out into the open. This might be a good strategy if you’ve introduced a new cat to the family and she needs to get used to her new home.  

As you shop for a cat tunnel, you’ll realize that there are a lot of options, and you can even find tunnels that come with a variety of toys that you can use right away to encourage your kitty to use the tunnel and play in it. 

Soft-sided tunnels provide a cozy spot for your companion to lounge, and because they are collapsible, they are also easy to store away when they are not in use. Some have more than just two openings, and some will even have more than one tunnel so your cat can choose which direction she wants to take to go into and out of the tunnel. 

Checking the dimensions is a good idea to be sure the tunnel will fit in whatever room you’re planning on using it in. And if you have more than one kitty that will be using the tunnel at the same time, getting one that’s big enough to accommodate all of them will be necessary. Plus, you also want to ensure the tunnel will be large enough for your cat to run through it comfortably, as well as turn around in it.  

No matter what type of tunnel you decide to purchase for your cat, it’s always best to keep an eye on your pet while she is using it. That way, you can rest assured that she is staying safe the entire time. And if you notice that the tunnel is looking worn out or damaged, it is probably time to replace it with a new one.  

Now that you’ve read a bit about how you can use tunnels to enrich your cat’s environment and give her a new place to hang out and play, if you think that you are ready to start shopping for one, check out our recommendations below. The following list of tunnels, which are sorted in no particular order, is designed to give you a better idea of the many different options that are out there. 

The nice thing about the All Kind Cat Toy Variety Pack is that it comes with 25 assorted toys, along with a colorful tunnel. If you want to give your feline friend a way to get more exercise while having loads of fun, this set is a good way to go. 

This tunnel is a solid choice whether you have one cat or more than one, and it is also great for cats of all ages, from kittens to seniors. The toys include everything from fuzzy mice, catnip toys, and crinkle toys to balls and a wand that you can use for interactive play with your pet. Using these toys can be a great way to introduce your cat to the tunnel, especially if she seems a little apprehensive about walking through it at first. 

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If you want to get your cat something different from a single tunnel, check out the Frisco Peek-a-Boo Cat Chute Colorful Tri-Tunnel. Great for multi-cat households, your furry friend is sure to enjoy playing and napping in this tunnel. 

This product will pop open, and it’s actually three tunnels in one, so your kitty will have multiple ways of getting into and out of it. And when your pet is done using it, you can fold it down and store it away until the next play session. 

Other nice features include the two dangling balls on the inside of the tunnel that are sure to grab your cat’s attention. And there’s also an extra hole in the top where the three tunnels come together, so your cat can use that to jump into and out of the toy, or just to poke her head out and see what’s going on around her. 

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The Frisco Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel with 2 Windows is just a single long tunnel, but it can also provide hours of fun or relaxation for your pet. It measures nearly 4 feet long, so there is plenty of space for a single cat or multiple kitties to play and enjoy some privacy, and it’s also long enough to make running through it loads of fun as well. Plus, it makes a crinkle sound as your companion walks through it too. 

This tunnel features two lookout holes at the top, which your cat can use to check out what’s going on outside of the tunnel, or to jump into and out of the tunnel, especially if she’s chasing other kitties during play. Plus, there’s a soft ball that hangs from the top of the inside of the tunnel, too, so even if you forget to add more toys, that will be there to get your cat interested in getting some exercise. 

The frame is spring-loaded and lightweight, so you can fold it easily when you need to store it away. And the soft brown fabric is designed to make it blend in with the rest of your home décor. 

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If you want to buy more than one tunnel at the same time, check out the Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toys. These are made with a durable material and crinkly fabric that will make noise as your pet walks through. And because it is spring-loaded, it will quickly and easily pop open when ready for use, as well as fold up easily for storage.

One tunnel is longer than the other, but both of them feature a little ball that hangs down from the top and will entice your cat to swat at it. Plus, the longer tunnel boasts a hole in the middle of it so your cat can look out of it as well.  

The great thing about getting two tunnels as a set is that you can set them both up in the same room, or you can opt to place them in different areas of your home. Or, you might even choose to set them up together to make one really long tunnel that your cats can play in. 

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If you like Jackson Galaxy products, check out his Cat Crawl Mesh Tunnel Cat Toy. It’s a fun color, and it is made of a mesh material that is soft and see-through. If you think your cat would prefer being able to see her surroundings at all times, rather than being totally hidden away, this tunnel may be the right choice. 

Like so many other tunnels for cats, you can easily pop this one open and then fold it down flat when it is time to store it away. The metal wiring provides plenty of support while it’s open and being used, and you’ll be able to see what your kitty is doing inside the tunnel while she runs through it and plays. 

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Another popular brand in the world of pet products is KONG, so it’s worth checking out the Active Nylon Tunnel Cat Toy. Measuring 24” long, it has enough space for your cat to play, run, hide, and nap. And when your cat is done using this tunnel, if you don’t want to keep it out at all times, it will collapse for easy storage. 

What’s also nice about this tunnel is that there is a peek-a-boo hole in the middle of it, so your feline friend can pop her head through it while she’s inside the tunnel. And the material also makes a crinkle sound that is designed to pique your companion’s curiosity. 

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The Catit Vesper Cat Tunnel is a nice option when you are looking for something that is a little different from the other tunnels on this list. This product is made from a material that is snag-resistant, so you can rest assured that it will stand up to your cat’s claws when running and playing. Plus, the high-quality fabric doesn’t attract cat hair either, which is definitely a plus.  

This tunnel features an accordion-like design, so you can set it up however you’d like, and then you can fold it and store it away when your cat is done using it. It also comes with a plush ball to encourage your kitty to exercise through play, and there is a hole in the center that your kitty can look out of as well. And it even comes with a comfortable cushion, which has a removable cover that makes keeping it clean a snap. 

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The Etna 3 Way Cat Tunnel is yet another fun option in the world of tunnels for frisky felines. It measures 31” in length, so there is plenty of space for your kitties to play. And when you want to get it out of the way, it will collapse down so you can store it without it taking up a lot of space.

This is a T-shaped tunnel that features smooth, strong nylon that makes a sound while your cat is running through it, so it can grab and keep her attention. Plus, your pet can make her way into the tube from one of the three openings, and she can use the peephole and the soft ball inside to play on her own or with other kitties. 

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Yet another option when you are looking for something different is the Petlinks Twinkle Chute Lighted Cat Tunnel Toy. That’s right, this tunnel has battery-powered lights. If your pet is bored by the standard cat tunnel, this one might be just what you need to grab her attention and get her interested in using tunnels again. 

Measuring 35” long, this fun tunnel can be the perfect place for all of your kitties to play, hide, nap, and run. In addition to the material that makes a crinkle noise when your pet walks on it, this product has touch-activated lights that are designed to make playtime even more entertaining. Plus, it has a peephole in the center, so your cat can look out the top or the side of the tunnel while playing. 

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Finally, there’s the unique Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel Toy. If your kitty is a fan of catnip, this is a great option, as there is catnip in the lining. Plus, its creative design is a lot of fun not only for your kitty, but for you as well because this product is made to look like a pair of pants. 

This colorful tunnel is made of durable polyester. It features three entryways that all of your cats can use during playtime. And the crinkly material makes sounds that are sure to get your kitty ready to pounce. 

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You won’t know if your unique feline companion likes using a cat tunnel until you let her give it a try. In addition to the options discussed above, there are a lot of other tunnels out there for you to choose from, so it can be surprisingly easy to find one that your fur baby will love. And if she is a fan, you can buy different types of tunnels to keep things interesting and continually give her something new to explore and play in.