Cats Photoshopped in Soccer Pictures Score All The Goals

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Cats and soccer go together like peanut butter and fried potatoes, right? Well, they do now, as BoredPanda is sponsoring a Photoshop challenge that has encouraged photoshopping cute little kittehs into pictures of serious soccer shenanigans.

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The result? Hilarity in a way that only cats on a soccer field can bring, thanks to the magic of Photoshop.

Here are some of our faves!

Ronaldo may be known for his dramatic skills, but he’s got nothing on that high-flyin’ cat!Ronaldo acts with the best of the cats in photoshopped pics

This soccer star wants to hold all the kittehs.Cats photoshopped into pictures crack us up

That little kitten is all-in for watching that goal!Cats photoshopped in soccer pictures wow the crowds

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While this guy’s extra appendages stop anything from hitting that net!

Photoshopped cat protects the goal

An extra set of paws never hurts when it’s time to defend the goal!He shoots and scores!

This guy is just begging those kittens to show him the money shot!Bring the ball to the goalie, little kittens!

But really…is there a better picture to plaster on your wall than this one? We think not! Gooooooooooooaaaaaaalllll!!!!!Cats photoshopped into soccer pictures make all the pictures better