Photographer Captures the Adorable Underbelly of Pets

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Andrius Burba first broke the interwebs with his photographic series ‘Under-Cats,’ which he says he was inspired to do after he saw a photo online. The 24-year-old former advertising and fashion designer went viral with hilarious vantages of kittehs from their not-so-often-seen underside and branched out into rabbits, horses and dogs from the belly-up!Under-Cats was an internet hit for Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba

Getting Under-Horses was a feat for Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba

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Burba says that while he found the cats cute and fun to photograph, dogs are just more playful and obedient, and he was able to really get some interesting shots. He photographs the dogs on a specially-made glass top and found that personalities were present when dogs were asked to approach. Some dogs thought it a fun drop, while others were not sure and stood still as statues.Getting under dogs was the project for Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba

The Under-Cats, Under-Rabbits and Under-Horse projects were so popular, he turned the Under-Dogs project into a fun book of playful and interesting shots, with plans to go on to Under-Big Cats like tigers and lions. (Yikes!)

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Burba says that the main difference between photographing the cats and the dogs (aside from the dogs being easier to position and listen) was that cats seemed to think they are gods–as people feed them, love them and give them homes. Dogs, on the other hand, see humans as gods, since we feed dogs, love them and give them homes! Apparently, gratitude makes the difference in perspective!Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba captures the underside of animals for special photography!

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for the cat or dog lover in your life, you’re in luck, as the 2018 Under-Cats/Under-Dogs calendars have just been released!The unique sighting of the underside of dogs is given from Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba