Hilarious Police Account Of Cat Stuck In Tree Goes Viral

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
If you’ve ever owned a cat, particularly one who has a penchant for climbing trees, the police account from a town in Maine will have you in stitches.

Let’s just face it. For all the ‘training’ they are capable of, and all the therapy they can give (and a million other things cat people say they are best for!), cats are the bosses. Of themselves, the humans around them….they are just not going to be told what to do unless they want to do it.

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Which is why when Miss Kitteh gets herself in a pickle up in a tree, it’s such a universal thing cat owners can relate to because they know–they are going to have to do something drastic if they want their puss out of the treetops. So, they call emergency services, and pray they’ll come and do the whole proverbial helping of a stuck cat in a tree thing.

In Bangor, Maine, Officer Dustin Dow responded to a call from a desperate owner regarding a cat stuck in the tree, and upon arrival, decided that cats don’t give any F$@% and him saying, “Here kitty, kitty!” wasn’t going to cut it. The social media write-up of the call is hilarious, with Officer Dow noting the equivalent of, “Cats come out of trees whenever they are good and ready to,” and also shared with the public that trying to call the cat out of the tree is basically kin to placating the onlooking crowd.

The post, written by Lt. Tim Cotton and already shared over 4,000 times, went on to speak for the cat, wondering why on earth it’d ever leave the tree with such an audience below, and detailed how the cat rescue ended up being an opportunity to guide a local man out of the tree after he’d climbed the nearly hundred feet up to rescue the cat, all to no avail. Alas, according to the department post, both the do-good neighbor and Officer Dowell left, and the kitteh sat back and waited for the next fool ‘victim’ to come.

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Finally, the post was happy to share, the cat most likely got bored and left on his own accord (as was wisely predicted would be the case), but not without a little dig at the cat and its mischievous intent!

Lt. Cotton has been writing about the goings-on of the town with a brilliantly dry wit that leads one to sit and read post after post after post (don’t ask how I know this) laughing…particularly at things like ‘Guidelines for flannel shirt wearing,‘ or helping ‘costomers’ realize they’re being scammed by someone instead of receiving an email from Apple.

Take a look and scroll through. I’m betting you’ll laugh while your heart is warmed at their simple message–“Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone and be kind to one another.”

Oh, and don’t try to get cats out of trees before they are ready to come down themselves!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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