You Need These Life-Sized Lego-Like Cats!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Ever wanted to have a life-size replica of your cat made from Lego-like bricks? A company out of Hong Kong that makes what they call ‘building blocks for kidults,’ has you covered!

My son and my husband love Legos and building bricks. They spend hours together meticulously putting the things together, and then sit back and relish in their accomplishments when done.

So imagine how easy it will be for me to become mother and wife of the DECADE with these awesome building blocks from Hong-Kong-based toy building block makers JEKCA. They say they make building blocks for ‘kidults’ (read: my husband) and more amazingly, they make custom kits that are life-sized cats. Yes, life-sized building block kits of cats.

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The cat kits come in different breeds and colors and they come in all sorts of positions that cats typically maintain: pouncing, walking, playing and sitting. The cat sculptures are about a foot tall and use about 1200 bricks to make complete. They have instructions for completion and can be made over and over again, as most brick building fans like to do. But, if you choose not to and want your kitteh to hang around awhile, JEKCA says the blocks have wire screws to keep them in place. JEKCA says they are like real sculptures upon completion, and won’t fall like many other Lego-like structures.

The kits are about $60-$90 dollars depending on the size and number of bricks needed. And if cats are not your gig (or you don’t want to look like a really crazy cat person!) they also make dogs, birds and other animals you can use to create the ultimate building brick menagerie with.

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You don’t even have to scoop the litter or incessantly pull dog hair off your clothing with these babies! Go. Now. Buy!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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