Reykjavik’s First Cat Cafe Is Coming This Christmas

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Ever since first cat cafes popped up in Taiwan and Japan, kitty enthusiasts all over the world embraced the trend. If we’re being honest, who wouldn’t want to sip on their mocha latte in company of a purring feline?

Well, thanks to the new government regulations in Iceland, which allows restaurant owners to decide if their establishments are going to be pet-friendly, citizens of Reykjavik will enjoy a cat café of their own. Set to open in the merriest season of the year, the appropriately named Kattakaffihúsið will be situated right in the city center.

The two ladies behind the project, Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir and Gígja Sara Björnsson, jumped at the opportunity to share their love for all things feline with their neighbors. Apart from being a lovely experience for all crazy cat people, this café will also fight for a good cause. The furry residents of the restaurant will all be homeless and looking for a new home, so the visitors can apply to adopt them. As Gígja said herself:

“It’s often really hard to find homes for older cats. Kittens are always popular but senior cats less. We look at this as a nice way for people to get to know the cats. “

The whole operation is a result of the owner’s collaboration with Villikettir association, a rescue committed to saving feral cats.

The rescued kitties are in for a treat because the whole café is going to be designed as a feline heaven. Shelves, scratching posts, toys and plenty of humans to indulge their every whim- what more can a cat wish for? When it comes to the customers, they’ll be able to choose their pick of healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes, and, who knows, maybe even met a cat of their dreams.

If you live in the Reykjavik area, make sure to check out Kattakaffihúsið!