How to Solve the 7 Most Common Kitty Litter Problems

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From peeing in miscellaneous places to suddenly refusing to use the litter box: here’s what your cat is trying to tell you.

It’s not always easy guessing what mysterious felines want from us, but when it comes to litter box difficulties, we know how to interpret their problematic behavior and successfully solve the issue. In the end, it all comes down to the type of litter you use- and there’s no better option than PrettyLitter, a revolutionary new cat litter that makes managing cat litter a breeze!

Problem Urinary tract disorders and other health issues

Usually, when a cat starts showing symptoms such as peeing outside of the litter box or struggling to pee at all, the health issue behind it is already in the advanced stages.

Solution: If you use PrettyLitter, you’ll know if there’s something wrong with your kitty way before the symptoms present. In case there’s anything in your cat’s urine that indicates a problem with health, such as abnormal pH, PrettyLitter changes color- blue, green, orange, and red clumps are early warning signs. You’ll be able to treat the problem before it becomes a costly pain – to you and your cat.

Problem Not emptying the litter box regularly

Cats are notorious neat freaks, so if they see that their litter box wasn’t cleaned properly or regularly, they won’t use it.

Solution: Don’t be stingy with the litter- if you’re going to be away for hours, make sure there’s enough of it in the box. With PrettyLitter you won’t get low on your supplies: they offer Free Shipping on their monthly auto-shipment which ensures you’re always stocked.

Problem Not filling the box properly

Yup, cats are that nitpicky. I’ve had my cats stare accusingly at me and refusing to use the litter box if the level of litter in it wasn’t to their liking.

Solution: It’s an unwritten rule that most cats like their litter to be about an inch or two high.

Problem Improper litter box size

For felines, size does matter- when it comes to their litter box. If they feel it’s too small for them, they won’t feel comfortable using it.

Solution: Ditch the cramped litter box in favor of a more spacious one.

Problem Too few litter boxes in the home

In multi-cat households, litter issues can arise overnight, from kitties fighting over their claim on a litter box to entirely avoiding to use it because of a fellow feline.

Solution: As a rule of thumb, you should have 1 to 1.5 litter boxes per cat, so if you see any litter rivalry, do the math and check if you need to add more litter boxes to your home. Also, PrettyLitter is an excellent option for families with multiple cats, as it helps you calculate precisely how much litter per cat you’ll need- and with that, how much to dole out into each of the boxes.

Problem Improper location of kitty litter box

You’ve picked out the perfect location in your home to hide/set up the litter box and your fur baby won’t go anywhere near it.

Solution: Unfortunately, cats have strong preferences about where they like to do their business, and it won’t matter to them if their fave spot for pooping clashes with your interior design ideas.

Problem You’ve been using a scented litter

Thinking it would minimize the nasty smells from the litter, you chose a scented litter, which now bothers your cat.

Solution: Always use litter that has no added fragrance, because artificial and intense scents don’t mix with feline’s heightened senses. PrettyLitter is odorless, and the unique formula enables it to efficiently trap and neutralize smells, keeping it stink-free without irritating your kitty.

PrettyLitter is an improved alternative to your everyday kitty litter. You only need one 4-pound bag of litter per cat, and that amount will last you the whole month. While it’s indisputable that PrettyLitter is cost-effective and has superior qualities that make it more practical than the competition, its most important feature is helping you stay on top of your kitty’s health issues–and you’ll agree that’s priceless.

INSIDER TIP: They offer pawesome discounts for bulk ordering–which is music to the ears for pet parents with more than one kitty in their family. For a limited time, enjoy 20% Off your first subscription order when you use code “PETGUIDE” at checkout.

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