Top 10 Best Cat Condos

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio

A kitty needs a condo to call her own. Great for climbing, sleeping and playing on, here are our picks for the top 10 best cat condos your kitty will want to move into.

Kitties love having their own cat trees to climb up and hang out on, but there are also cat condos that you can purchase to give your pet her own place to lounge, play, and watch her surroundings. Whether you’re in search of an elaborate cat tree with condos built in, or you just want to give you kitty a cute little hideaway, we’ve got you covered with a list of 10 of the top cat condos to consider.

1. PETMAKER Cat Condo

If it’s a basic cat condo that you’re looking for, this one might be just right. It measures 20.5” x 14”, it is shaped like a cylinder, and it features two “floors”, so your cat can choose to be up higher or on ground level. Plus, this is also perfect for multi-cat households, as one cat can hang out in each of the hideaways at the same time. On the exterior is a soft gray fabric, a cute white paw print, and a sisal pad for scratching.

2. Petpals Cat Tree Condo

Unique in design, this cat condo measures 18.5” x 28.5”. You will need to assemble it when it arrives, but the instructions and all of the tools that you’ll need will be included. Once assembled, your cat will be able to lounge on the plush pillow at the top, or in the circular condo at the bottom. Plus, there is a sisal pole for scratching, along with a feather toy that your kitty can play with.

3. Midwest Curious Cat Cube

Another choice for multi-cat households is this cat condo, which features two separate spaces for your kitties to feel safe and comfortable. And the top of this condo also features a comfy pillow that your pet can rest on when she doesn’t want to be inside, so this is actually a three-tier condo. Measuring 14.6” x 14.72” x 30.39”, one side features a sisal scratching pad, the interior and the pillow on top boast synthetic sheepskin, and the exterior is made of faux suede.

4. Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condo

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? This cat condo, which is made of heavy-duty cardboard, lets you get creative when it comes to setting it up for your kitty. A single kit contains everything you need to assemble two cat condos however you like, and you can later change things around to keep things interesting for your pet, too. Purchase more than one kit to get even more condos that you can bridge together, stack, or arrange in different rooms throughout your home so your cat always has someplace interesting to call her own.

5. Trixie Miguel Fold-and-Store Collapsible Cat Condo

This is a basic square cat condo that is available in multiple colors. It creates a perfect little hiding spot for your kitty, complete with dangling plush toys and a soft cushion on top that your pet can lounge on when she is not inside the cube. Plus, when it’s not in use, it will easily fold up so you can store it away—this feature also makes it a great choice for those who travel with their pets.

6. K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo

Available in small or large, this is another unique cat condo because it can securely hang on your door, giving your pet a chance to get up high, which many kitties love to do. Multiple cats can comfortably play and lounge in this condo at the same time, and it’s a smart choice for pet owners who don’t have enough floor space for a cat tree. With multiple levels and holes to look out of, your kitty will enjoy observing what’s going on around her.

7. rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

What better gift for a pampered cat than a personal little kitty kingdom? Cat condos make for excellent personal spaces for cats, where they can lounge, exercise, and enjoy themselves as much as they wish and this design is a clear example of that multifunctionality. Rabbitgoo’s cat condo design follows the “tower” concept, giving your cat a ton of options to choose from. This tall condo is also ideal for owners of several cats, where each one can find its own little nook.

Tall and sturdy, the condo features several prominent features – a top perch, a tall basket, an interior central condo, a lower hammock, ladders, and plenty of platforms. Of course, being so lofty, the condo was made with high durability materials – the frame is made from load-bearing wood, padded and covered with soft and fuzzy fabric. On the whole, the tower is extremely stable, so there is no reason to worry. What is more, the tower frame is wrapped with scratch-resistant natural sisal material, which will quickly divert your cat from scratching the furniture. Let the fun time begin with this superb tower condo!

8. Modern Kitty Handcrafted Satellite Cat Tree

This fun cat condo is another great option if you are looking for something that has an out-of-the-ordinary design. It features wooden legs that elevate it off the floor, but they’re removable if that’s what you or your kitty would prefer. It also has two hideaway spaces for your cat to choose from, along with a sisal scratching surface on one side.

9. Trixie Topi Cat Condo & Scratcher

If you’re looking for a simple cat condo, or you don’t have a lot of room to work with, this one might be a good place to start. Its shape allows your cat to use it as a hideaway, as well as a scratching pad. The little cave is secluded, so your kitty will feel totally safe, and there are toys in there too.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

This is quite possibly the ultimate cat tree and condo combination. It’s big, so you’ll need plenty of floor space, but it’s perfect for multi-cat households because there’s enough room for everyone to play, relax, and nap together. With a variety of perches, condos, and platforms, as well as scratching posts, your pet will never get bored.

A Condo for Every Kitty!

From tall cat trees that require some assembly, to more basic condos that arrive ready for use and will provide neat little hideaways, there is an ideal piece of cat furniture out there for your kitty. And with so many choices in terms of size and style, you can easily find one that’s affordable, won’t clash with your own interior décor, and will give your pet the perfect place to hang out in. Hopefully, the list above has helped generate some ideas that you can use while you shop for your furry friend.

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Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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