New App Connects Dog Mamas to the Businesses That Welcome Them

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
A new app lets schedule fun meet-ups with your fellow Puppy Mamas, and rate businesses to advocate for a more pup-friendly world.

Understanding that most gals with fur pals want their sidekicks to be part of their travel, dining and shopping expeditions, the Puppy Mama app identifies those establishments across the United States that are down with welcoming pooches (and those pesky human companions that seem to travel with them). Think of it as a sort of re-fur-al service.

Founder Theresa Piasta is a former Army Captain and Decorated Iraq-War Veteran and it was her search for a service dog that caused her to discover this neat niche of like-minded pet parents. Says Piasta, “Many of our members don’t want to spend time googling to find a safe place to bring their small dog without worrying, or a dog-friendly outdoor restaurant where they can bring their big husky.”

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I sense many heads are nodding at this point and with less than 2% of restaurants in the United States branded “dog-friendly” it means that not just travel with our pets is a challenge but getting out to socialize with our friends, family and like-minded pet parents is close to impossible.

Puppy Mama intends to change that by leveraging technology to help women connect with one another and share information on pet-friendly travel, places, and social events. For example, the app will not only help members identify airlines and hotels that will welcome them and their pooch, but also make it easy to schedule puppy play dates, and find eateries where they can enjoy “yappy hours” and brunches with friends. And when members find a location they love, they can easily add a review and a 5-Paw rating so other community members know they are welcome. They can also share photos and even offer up inspirational stories of how their furry friends have enriched their lives.

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How popular is this concept? Within their first four months of community building, Puppy Mama received and shared more than 250 stories of women spanning six continents, attracted over 10,000 followers across their social media accounts and gained traction with influencers in entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and technology.

This is where you come in. Puppy Mama’s Kickstarter campaign has a goal to reach $25,000 in order to take the already beta-tested app to the next stage; developing the web application and introducing the 5-Paw Ratings in the California market and donations to this Kickstarter come with some pretty nifty benefits.

The $35.00 “Puppy Memorial” pledge honors your pet’s memory with his story and picture published on the site, their app and on social media.

For $40.00 your little guy will be stylin’ in a Puppy Mama Love branded t-shirt that comes with a digital thank you letter and photo from Waffles, Puppy Mama’s Chief Product Tester.

For a pledge of $95.00 or more, you can be wearing a Puppy Mama Love branded hoodie.

Check out Puppy Mama for more information, or head over to their Kickstarter page to help them reach their goal.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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