10 Big Pooches Who Think They’re Lap Dogs

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Whether they’re puppies or fully grown, these four-legged furries know the best seat in the house is right on your lap… no matter how big they are!

1. Nice Chair

The Great Dane’s version of a lap dance. (Photo Credit: Reddit)

2. Comfy Human

I’ve got the best seat in the house! (Photo Credit: Instagram )

3. Don’t Mind Me

You won’t even notice I’m here. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

4. Pampered Poodle

Is this seat taken? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

5. Doggy Lounger

What do you mean I’m blocking your sun? (Photo Credit: Imgur )

6. Lap Warmer

No need for blankets – a Golden Retriever works wonders on a cold lap. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

7. Make Room for Bully

Want to know why your lap is so warm? I just farted. (Photo Credit: Imgur)

8.Big Baby

Because he’ll always be your puppy. (Photo Credit: Reddit)

9. Personal Space

What is this thing you call personal space? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

10. Taking a Break

You don’t need a chair to sit comfortably – just a loving lap! (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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