Ad Campaign To End Dog Meat Industry Aims To Touch People’s Hearts

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It may be a surprise to you, but the use of cats and dogs as food in China is commonplace. One agency aims to end that practice once and for all with these emotion-filled posters.

It’s something that pet owners couldn’t even begin to imagine happening in most countries, and yet in China, one of the largest in the world, a dirty, (not-so)secret exists. Dogs and cats are used for food, and contrary to the belief of most who engage in eating the pets, they are not farmed, but stolen. Stolen and never to be seen again by their families who love them so.

Animal Asia is working feverishly to end this horrible trade, and sponsored a contest to educate the people of China (and the world) about the practice, and to promote animal welfare so that the brutal business will be put to an end once and for all. The contest focused on the reality of this cruel trade–that most dog and cat meat served in restaurants is illegally stolen from domestic pets or stray pets, who also deserve to live cruelty- and fear-free lives.

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The first place winner, design student Yeng Mengyun, touched on that emotion with her piece called “Brightness and Fear” which heartbreakingly contrasts the innocence and fear of a domestic pet in the bright sunshine with the cruelty that waits for it in the shadows. Mengyun hopes that her work will help people to one day see stray animals as entitled to be happy under the sun, enjoying lives free from fear of being snatched and cruelly tortured and eaten.

The second place piece was created by another design student, Nie Chonghao, and was named, “Companion.” One look at his piece brings a stab to your heart, as he poignantly hits the point that most of these animals that are stolen for meat are companion animals. His explanation of his piece is to remind the world that cats and dogs are our friends and no one should lose a friend because someone has eaten them.

There were two third place winners and their images were based on the knowledge that pet lovers everywhere know–our pets are beloved family members, and lives are never the same when they are stolen to be eaten. One winner, Meng Xuan, heartbreakingly showed how companion animals are integral to our lives and how they are changed forever when stolen.

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Joint third place winner Sheng Yuhan really showed the despair families feel when their pets are taken for such a horrible practice. The slumped shoulders of the man emphasize the point Yuhan tried to make–eating dogs most likely means eating loved family members.

We are encouraged by the fact that earlier this year, nearly 9 million Chinese citizens voted to END this disgusting practice altogether, the hope is that images such as these–that appeal to the emotions invoked when one thinks of where their food actually comes from–will continue to educate and inform people everywhere and finally allow pets to feel safe and loved. If you’d like to learn more ways you can help with this campaign, you can visit Animal Asia. We warn you, the information and images are hard on your heart, but beloved animals are counting on us to help, and together, we can.

[Source: The Dodo]

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