Pet Owners Angry After Chinese City Implements One-Dog Policy

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Taking a cue from the country’s past ‘one-child’ policy, a city in eastern China is angering pet owners as it implements a ‘one-dog’ policy.

In the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao, resident complaints about being disturbed and attacked by dogs are growing. City officials are combatting the issue with a ‘one-dog’ policy similar to the well-known ‘one-child’ policy China had maintained for years.

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Qingdao (the home of China’s second largest brewery, Tsingtao Beer) officials have not only banned 40 breeds they’ve deemed ‘ferocious,’ but mandated that citizens can only have one dog per family. Some of the dogs that have been classified as ferocious include Dobermans, Tibetan Bull Mastiffs, and Pitbulls.

The local security office of the town has claimed that because residents are reporting dogs disturbing and injuring them, they are following the lead of other local cities like Shanghai and Jinan City. Shanghai first implemented the restrictions, ruling that over 600,000 dogs were illegal and unlicensed because of the new ban. In an even more sad addition, Jinan City told residents that they would take ‘illegal dogs’ found in homes and beat them to death.

The new policy in Qingdao mandates pet owners who have more than one dog have to relinquish one to local adoption agencies in order to be compliant with the new policy. This means that shelters and adoption agencies will, unfortunately, have to resort to euthanasia, which infuriates dog-owners.

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On the Chinese social media site Sina-Weibo, people are speaking out about how many innocent lives will be taken as a result of the one-dog policy, citing similar sad losses when China maintained their one-child policy. In 2015, China amended the policy, and allowed couples to have no more than two children if they so chose.

[Source: Newsweek]

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