Ailing Dog Honorary K9 Member Serves and Protects Her Girl

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
‘Tis the season, and one family pup had a holiday wish granted as she was added to the South Pasadena Police Department’s K-9 team as an honorary member.

Eight-year-old Sophia Angelats has a unique distinction. She and her dog, a 12-year-old German Shepherd Lucy, have been honored as honorary members of the South Pasadena, California Police Department.

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Lucy is a special K-9 member, as she was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy earlier this February. This is a spine disease in dogs that is sadly similar to what the disease of Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS is like, and it robs dogs of their movement over time.

The Angelats family bought Lucy a doggie wheelchair so she can still get around, as her rear legs now are basically immobile and the wheels help her move. Sophia says the nerves in Lucy’s spine are breaking up and the wheelchair also helps hold her up.

Lucy’s mama Lindsey Angelats says that though they are not sure of how long they’ll have Lucy for, they are enjoying their honorary titles at the station, and even had a sleepover with the rest of the team. She’s sad because Sophia will miss Lucy tremendously when she goes, and is hoping that the police department’s support will help her as she deals with Lucy’s passing.

Congratulations to our honorary K9 Lucy and her honorary handler, Sofia! Welcome to the family!

Posted by South Pasadena Police Department on Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Lindsey says that Lucy dutifully protects Sophia on her daily walks to school, as “The Fuzzy Schoolbus,” but the duo is always on the lookout for opportunities to stake out situations.

It’s true. You can’t keep a good dog down. Good job, Lucy! Good job!

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