Chris Evans Opens Up About His New Adopted Dog, Dodger

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Chris Evans may just be the perfect man. He is a philanthropist, a ‘hero’ and… not too shabby-looking to boot. But what might have thrown him into the ‘perfection’ category is his sweet story of the adoption of his dog, Dodger.

Chris Evans is just adorable. That’s all there is to it.

He’s Captain America, for one thing. And, if owning that costume doesn’t do it for you, picture him wearing it to the many children’s hospitals he visits to bring sunshine and hope to sick children.


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But he’s put himself over the top with his recent revelation of how he adopted his dog Dodger as he was filming his newest movie, Gifted. He said one of the last scenes of the movie was in a shelter, and as he was there, he wondered whether the dogs were actors or really up for adoption. He calls himself a ‘dog lunatic’ (not a bad moniker in our book), and he of course asked about the pups’ situation.

He says he walked up and down the kennels and saw a dog guessed to be about one-year-old, though Evans says he has the energy and love of a puppy. Calling him a ‘ sweetheart,’ Evans says that Dodger loves other dogs and kids and is just basically a fur bag full of love.

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Evans says that he and Dodger do just about everything together–and that playing with Dodger is exhausting exercise that he loves (you may remember what a pushup task-master Dodger was last year!). He says Dodger sleeps with him on his pillow, and they sweetly wake up face-to-face. (Lucky dog!) Evans says that he believes it’s important to keep Dodger clean as they do lots of running around in the mud and dirt, so Dodger gets a couple of baths a week from Evans, and clearly lives the good life.

Sometimes stars take some pretty unique things from the sets of their movies, but we have to give it to Evans–Dodger is the best one yet!

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