Chris Evans Is Reunited With His Dog and It Feels So Good! [Video]

I know, I know. It’s no secret I love Chris Evans. I mean, seriously… I’m a sucker for dog-lovers and it’s pretty evident that Evans falls deep into that camp! He’s been away filming for 10 weeks, and anxiously waiting to be reunited with Dodger, sharing countdowns with Twitter fans.Chris Evans and his bestie Dodger are reunited after 10 long weeks

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He adopted Dodger last year while filming “Gifted,” saying he just knew that Dodger was full of love, and from all the tail wags and licks, it seems he was totally right!

Watching the video (which I may or may not have done 100 times), it’s almost like Evans has bacon all over his face, based on how many kisses Dodger gave him!

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The frantic excitement is totally the most adorable and happy thing you’ll see today.

Although… I may go binge on Captain America. It’s got great special effects. Like abs. And more abs.