Concert Cellist Performs for Florida Humane Society Shelter

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Professional cellist Natalie Helm performed for a very select group of furry music lovers Florida’s Humane Society of Sarasota County – and the dogs loved it!

Black tie was optional for a recent performance by principal cellist of the Sarasota Orchestra, Natalie Helm. Also optional were tickets, a program and, well, clothing. No, the talented cellist wasn’t playing to a theater full of nudists, but a kennel full of adoptable rescues who just couldn’t get enough of the soothing strings.

It was during a recent visit to her local shelter that the performer came up with the idea. In her words, “I know it’s very cliché, but music is a language that everyone appreciates and understands.” She thought her talents could prove beneficial to the homeless hounds and she was “spot” on (get it?)

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For anyone who has visited a rescue shelter, the noise, energy and stress levels are through the roof for the lonesome little soles – one of the main reasons that Florida’s Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) was so quick to take Helm up on her offer of a special command performance.

Just imagine the surprise of the caged pooches as Helm set up her chair, sat down with her cello and began to play. “I could really sense they were enjoying it. There was a great feeling of peacefulness that spread quickly through the kennels.” The musician confirms she plans many return engagements at this particular venue.

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While not all shelters can deliver live performances, many do pipe in classical music which has proven to be an effective tool for calming rescues with studies showing that dogs’ stress levels really do decrease after music is played in their kennels.

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Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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