Music That’s Made Just for Dogs Helps Anxiety and Depression

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
You can Kickstart an album of tail-wagging tunes. “Songs for Dogs and the People who Love them” hopes to ease your dog’s mind by filling your home with dog-friendly music.

I’ve always wondered what my dog does at home when everyone has gone off to work for the day. I’d like to think she’d run around on the tiled kitchen floor, skidding merrily with her tongue and long, dachshund ears flittering in the wind. But the truth is, I always find her in one of three places: curled up in her doggy bed, on the couch or (her personal favorite) snuggled up against my pillows.

The unfortunate truth is that pooches may become extremely bored, anxious or even develop depression when you’re away. Taylor Brown aims to change the way your dog feels when you’re gone by filling your home with music from his album dubbed “Songs for Dogs and the People who Love them”… but he needs your help to do it. Taylor has started a Kickstarter campaign to finance his dream to get you and your dog’s tail waggin’.

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If you’re sitting there thinking, “Why on earth would I help someone make a CD for my dog?” you’re not alone. But hear me out, as there is a science behind this. Close your eyes and think of your jam – the one song that makes you want to get up and shake your hips to its infectiously happy rhythm. There’s something about the universal sound of music that makes you happy inside and believe it or not, dogs have it too.

Dogs associate new behaviors through sound, especially that of a human voice. Think about it – your furry child doesn’t know what you’re saying, but they can recognize anger, sadness and happiness purely by the sound of your voice. By including a cheery voice in this album’s songs, the dog associates that tone of voice with happiness. If you’re still skeptical, all you need to think about is the last time there was a thunderstorm. If your pooch is anything like mine (who whimpers and hides in the laundry basket, under the bed or wine cellar) you can understand that even the distant sound of lightning is enough to downright terrify them. Dogs associate sounds with experiences, just like we do, both good and bad.

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Dogs and humans also go through a mental process called entrainment, in which our heart rate and brain activity naturally responds and syncs to consistent rhythms, sounds and speeds around us. The music in “Songs for Dogs and the People who Love them” is especially calibrated to maximize the entrainment value in your dog. Because these are dog-friendly sounds and music, your dog may temporarily forget that you are out of the house because suddenly, your home isn’t an awful, scary silent prison when you’re out. Over time, your pooch will associate this music with good feelings and experiences and, like us, develop good memories to its tune.

Taylor’s happy tunes aren’t just for your pooch, although they will definitely reap most of the rewards. Once you’ve received Taylor’s album, both you and your furry companion can kick back, relax, and listen to it a few times together. Then, once it’s time to start your day, simply pop the CD into your player before you leave and let your home be filled with comforting, dog-friendly sounds that will ease your dog’s mind and lull them into a happy state of mind.

To help this album reach the top of the charts, rock on over to the official Kickstarter campaign page and secure your own download when it gets released.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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