Dashing Dog Steals GoPro and Our Hearts

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An adorable dog took a GoPro video camera for a joy run has won the Internet and had left us all in stitches!

We love it when dog videos go viral, and we especially love them when they’re set to hilarious Benny Hill music that shows their mischievousness in the best way possible!

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Reddit user carmenlightning posted the video originally, with Twitter user John Christian taking it and running (sort of like the cheeky pooch did!) all over the interwebs, prompting laughter and comments that cracked us up. We think the version that has it set to the ‘Benny Hill’ music is the winner!

Better with Benny Hill music! pic.twitter.com/xbaBTZzEy0

— blueyedwolf (@blueyedwolf) July 29, 2018

The dashing dog puts his best snout forward, with the camera lens shooting directly at his face, so we get to have the best view ever of the chase that ensues to get the dog back. The dog’s eyes tell the tale of one who knows what he was doing, perfectly timing his lookbacks and turns in the journey.

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The video has been viewed nearly 8.5 million times, proving that people can’t get enough of the dog’s favorite game–which is obviously chase!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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