Dazzling The Dance Floor With Matching Prom Dresses

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Perfect hair, nails done, and a fab dress – all common prom concerns. Thankfully, Erin Condrin doesn’t have to do it alone: her trusty service dog Lucy was the best prom date ever!

High school is often a daunting time in a young adult’s life – trying to get good grades, make important life decisions and, perhaps most stressful of all, deal with everybody else who is going through the same thing. When you add a mental or physical disability into the mix, things get even more complex.

Meet Erin Condrin: she has Classical Type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a disorder that affects the majority of her life. Simple tasks such as putting on clothing or turning a light switch on/off is a very difficult task. She can have up to 20 different joint dislocations a day – talk about a brave young woman.

 But Erin has a helper to assist her when she needs it most: Lucy. Her service dog can help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, picking things up when Erin has dropped them, press buttons and so much more.

When prom came along, Erin couldn’t imagine not having Lucy beside her and that is when she asked her dress maker to sew up a skirt to Lucy that matched her own prom dress. And this little gem was born!

JPS Designs sewed up Lucy’s matching dress and the two were ready to hit the dance floor!

Lucy, of course, has no problem with the attire, as she is completely used to being dressed up for every occasion. Check out this delightful little holiday number!

Erin’s date said that he was both mortified and enjoyed the costume. Oh hush, you, Lucy looks fabulous!

[Source: TheChive ]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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