Dog Fetches Rescue Crew to Help Senior Stranded in the Woods

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Some dogs are better at fetch than others. Take Gus, for example. This heroic dog knew exactly what to do to save his beloved owner.

This past Thursday, one dog became a local hero after bravely leading first responders to his owner who had been trapped in the forest. The man, who resides in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, had fallen during a routine hike with his pet. The 79-year-old hit his head and was unable to make his way back to safety due to his injuries. The elderly man was stranded for 12 hours, wounded and fighting off the elements.

Local police found out about the missing man and began their search and rescue plan. They had been looking for upward of three hours before a special tip lead them the rest of the way. The informant was a special dog, named Gus, who had been accompanying his owner on the hike that morning. The pup, who had been guarding is owner up until this point, tore himself away from the man when he heard the responders in the area.

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The dog tracked down the rescue team and was able to get them to follow him. Through barks and movements, the dog was able to communicate what had happened. The dog worked hard to guide the team through the forest and to his owner who required immediate medical assistance. The owner was found in the nick of time and was taken for proper treatment. Once reunited, the dog refused to leave owner’s side again, making sure he was taken care of.

“We stopped at an embankment. We didn’t think we would be able to drive up. The county was telling us he was up there. We were starting to debate if we could get up there [then] how are we getting down,” Matthew Marsicano stated.

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“The dog ran up the bank, would stop every 20-30 feet and look back and start barking,” Marsciano told media outlets. “As we got [the man] loaded up and started carrying him down, every time we carried him the dog was whining right at our feet. We would have to stop to not trip over the dog. When we put him down the dog sat right next to him.”

Like a story out of a movie, this dog was able to literally become a hero by saving his owner’s life. The man was released from the hospital on Friday, thanks to the help of his beloved pet. We’re sure the pup will have earned “good boy” status for a long time to come. Head pats and treats all around, Gus!

[Source: People]

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