Super Sniffer Police Dog Finds Kidnapped Girl

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
What a nose! Thanks to her super sniffer, heroic search dog, Deja, saves a kidnapped girl’s life.

Deja is a police dog who puts her canine super smell to good use. She works for the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department in California where she routinely sniffs out culprits and cracks cases. For this puppy Sherlock Holmes, this time was no different. When detectives had nowhere else to turn to, Deja used her keen senses to save a kidnapped young girl.

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At 3 a.m. a young girl was reported missing from her home, and as the police required some extra assistance, Deja was brought in to nose out the clues. The girl was last seen leaving with a suspicious man who was up to no good. This was not an ok sign, and the dog began to work her magic. Soon, Deja and her handler Deputy Stone were lead to a wooded area where the girl was suspected to have been taken.

In these densely forested mountains, it was tricky to find the girl’s tracks. After a heavy search, drag marks were painstakingly discovered along with some of the girl’s items. It was a hard sight to see, but the trained officers didn’t lose their cool. It became a race against time to sniff out the girl’s location before serious harm came to her. The pup put her snout to work, guiding officers through the dark trees to try and locate the young lady.

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Soon, Deja brought officers to the doorstep of a eerily solitary house. The dog dragged her handler up the steps and refused to get down, signaling that something nefarious was occurring behind closed doors. Everyone took Deja’s reaction very seriously, knowing her impressive track record of finding people. That’s when the police stepped in to try and rescue the kidnapping victim. Deja was right- both captor and the girl were found inside the home, thankfully the juvenile was not seriously harmed. The man was arrested immediately on kidnapping charges and the girl was taken safely back home all thanks to the police department and the puppy nose power provided by Deja.

It was Deja vu as this case is one of many the great dog detective has solved. One woman on Facebook wrote, “A year ago Deja was called to help find my teenage daughter who had gone missing after school and after 2 hours we still couldn’t find her and Deja tracked her and found her in about 20 min. I will never forget this dog and will always be thankful for her and her handler and the rest of the police officers out there.” Another case cracked, great job, Deja!

[Source: Barkpost]

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Morgan Sterling

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