Fallen Officer Puppy Program a Tribute to Fallen Officers

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
What a touch tribute to these heros. Future police dogs are being given the honor of carrying on fallen officer’s namesakes.

When Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers launched the Fallen Officer Puppy Program (FOPP) in January, there was no way for them to have known the tragedies waiting just around the corner for many service people this year. There have been far too many days of heartbreaking headlines in the paper, all outlining the final brave acts of officers gone too soon. In the wake of recent shootings and the loss of police lives, the program will continue to pay tribute to the those who gave their lives for us. The program continues the legacy of service people who have died in the line of duty by naming puppies after them that will one day also serve. The puppies will undergo intensive training with Warren Retrievers non-profit organisation to become top notch service dogs.

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“We know that so many people want to show their sorrow and appreciation of service to community whenever one of our Nation’s heroes is fallen in the line of duty,” Founder of Warren Retrievers, Dan Warren, told the media, ”and we hope that by nominating an officer and helping to give the gift of a service dog to someone in need that people can feel that they have made a positive difference in this sorrowful time.”

The first puppy to receive an honorable moniker was Morgan the Golden Retriever pup, who sparked the movement. Morgan was named after New Jersey Detective Michael Morgan, Jr. who lost his life in November 2011. Officer Morgan risked everything to save an innocent woman during an attempted robbery that turned fatally violent. This act of pure heroism inspired his community, who mourned his loss with heavy hearts. Now, in his memory, Morgan the puppy trains hard to be his very best and make the world proud. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has grown to become one of the largest providers of service dogs to people in need, including veterans and police officers who experience PTSD. There are currently over 500 of these dogs working today around the US thanks to this wonderful organisation. Their motto is “one team, one voice, one mission, one heart and one goal—to do good in this world.”

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Good is always something to strive to do, especially when experiencing extreme sadness over the turmoil and chaos we have recently experienced in the world. As we move on from tragedy, we must remember the legacy of those who have served their country proudly. The collective wounds we feel as a nation will heal as the American spirit lives on. The best way to combat tragedy is with unconditional kindness and goodwill as we move forward. Acts of kindness, like providing service animals, can be dedicated to the memory of those we have lost along the way while continuing their legacy of bravery and honor. To find out more about how you can help Warren Retrievers and the Fallen Officer Puppy Program by visiting their website.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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