Dog Refuses to Move From Roomba, Gets Massage Instead [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Most dogs run away from the vacuum, but one rescue pup out of Texas decided he’d had enough of his family’s Roomba trying to move him out of the way.

While many dogs fear the vacuum as a scary fur-sucker, one rescued Blue Lacy pup considers it his own personal massager!

Julie and Zak Andrews, from Tomball, Texas, adopted their dog, Gauge, a few months ago. Gauge and his Texas State Dog siblings had been dropped off at a local prison when they were just under two weeks old. Though the prisoners attempted to care for them, the babies just needed nursing and a Houston rescue group took them in and then put them up for adoption.

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So now that Gauge has adjusted to having a furever family, it’s very obvious he enjoys this life he lives, even if the family Roomba tries to move him out if its path. Gauge clearly cannot be bothered by the Roomba, and at first watch even seemed a bit perturbed that his nap was being disrupted by the overachieving appliance.

Then Gauge seemed to recognize the massaging effects the Roomba was sharing, right to the end of the video, where the Roomba, after completely outlining Gauge’s body, moves on. Gauge sort of gets up and seems to look as if to say, “Hey, that was nice. Come back here!”

Gauge, good job standing your ground, buddy!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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