Canine Cleaning: Doggie Mops To The Rescue!

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
The Japanese are pros at making all things cute: phone cases, bento boxes, and (of course) anime. And now, cute comes to cleaning with delightful little Puli mop!

Everyone knows the famous dog that gets mistaken for a mop when it lays down – it’s the Puli, otherwise known as the Hungarian sheepdog! Their braided-like fur circles perfectly all around them when they lay down, making them appear like a mop!

Japanese retailer Felissimo took full advantage of this and made an actual mop…that looks like a Puli! Cleaning just got a whole lot funner. Can you imagine if you own a Hungarian sheepdog and introduce this thing into their lives? It’s like getting them a brother or sister! Or a lover – we aren’t really sure, but are totally willing to find out.

The mop comes in three colors: white, brown and black, all specifically designed for maximum amounts of cute. They break down into four parts: the broom, the flat bottom part, the shaggy bottom part of the dog (which you attach to the bottom part- we’re so very technical with this broom jargon) and finally, the top part of the dog’s body, including the head. You can use the broom without the latter part, but seriously, who wouldn’t?!

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For some more instructions on how you can use this amazing cleaning tool (or scare the hell out of your real dog), there’s also this informative video, complete with an excited mop receiving some cuddles and a nice warm bath. You go, Fido!

[ Source: IncredibleThings ]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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