Doggie Showers Are the Newest Interior Design Craze

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Long gone are the days when puppers had to be hosed down after some wild time in the backyard: now, our four-legged besties can enjoy getting sparkly clean in their very own showers. A New York Times article revealed that, for upscale homes, dedicated dog showers had been one of the most sought-after features for the last few years. One New Jersey firm gets so many requests for the canine-friendly home addition that they decided to include a bespoke dog shower in every home valued at $800,000 or more.

While dedicated dog showers are certainly not a must for every pawrent, they do make bath time much easier. These are usually located in practical locations in the home, such as the mudroom or even the garage, allowing you to wash off the dirt of your pooch’s paws before they get it all over the house.

William Harrison, the principal architect of Harrison Design, explains that, at first, pet parents were looking for a way to customize their own showers to make dog baths more manageable, with features such as a higher platform. Over time, it evolved in building completely separate and fully functional dog showers, which are now one of the company’s most requested features.

And it’s no wonder: just one look at a bathtub after a muddy dog has taken a dip in it will make any pet parent reach for their checkbook. Not to mention that you won’t have to worry about injuries due to incessant wiggling and jumping out of the tub.

The price tag for bespoke dog showers can vary greatly, as it all depends on size, materials, and the design. However, according to some estimates, it’s usually upwards of $5,000. While it’s not a small sum, it’s definitely worth investing in if you can afford it. Installing a custom-made dog shower is not only practical for pawrents- there are various uses for it that could up your property’s value.