Doggy Designer Debuts Spring 2019 Line At Fashion Week

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Doggy Designer Extraordinaire Anthony Rubio presented his Canine Couture and Women’s Wear Spring/Summer 2019 collection during New York’s Fashion Week, and we have to tell you those bitches looked fierce!

Anthony Rubio is a Pet Couturier who knows how to make tails wag. He’s a designer who had the vision to break barriers in the canine couture world, and as the pet product industry is estimated to bring in 65 million dollars a year, he’s clearly on the right trail.

Rubio is no stranger to the runways, as he’s been presenting his hot designs for women for ten years. He just presented his seventh season of designs for humans and their dogs during New York’s Fashion Week, and says he understands that pet parents want their pets to make the best impressions and fashion is where it’s at!

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He put all his design efforts into ensuring that the designs were safe and comfortable for his furry models, and that the impressive and memorable designs would shoe the bond between humans and their dogs as they showed harmony together.

Rubio says his inspirations come from the glitz and glamour era of theater–when who you were depended on what you looked like. He used old films like Some Like It Hot and Chicago to come up with doggy diva designs and he put his bitches in bold colors that the audience went gaga over.

One special model was Sunny, the Golden Labrador Retriever who has grown up on The Today Show. Sunny is part of the Guide Dog Foundation’s efforts to make a difference in people’s lives, and was Rubio’s feature model, wearing an Art Deco vest with gold sequins. Only the shiniest, sunniest for that pup!

Rubio plans to take his new line on the road to LA’s Fashion Week in October, as well as the Guide Dog Foundation’s Gala event in New York.

In his world, Rubio says, humans are the accessories, so you know all eyes will continue to be on the doggy red carpet!

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Rubio also has an upcoming book of his designs–but with a unique twist! Throughout the summer, Rubio’s designs were on dogs from all over the country, photographed by top photographers and put together in a beautiful coffee table book of design and advocacy. The book is set to come out in February 2019, so if you’re looking to see what all the runway diva doggies are wearing, preorder!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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