Guide Dog Pit Bull Reunited With Blind Dachshund Best Buddy

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A blind dachshund and his pit-bull guide dog were reunited this week, after the newly adopted pair became separated and sent the Internet aflutter with concerns.

A blind 12-year-old dachshund and his guide dog/best friend, a six-year-old pit bull have been reunited, and it feels so good! Their story is right out of the ‘You can’t make this up,’ files and the Internet is thrilled they’re together again.

‘OJ,’ the 10-pound dachshund and ‘Blue Dozer,’ the 90-pound pit are inseparable. OJ can only partly see shadows, but stays close to Blue Dozer, who acts as a big galoot that makes the way ahead for his buddy. They were surrendered to a Richmond animal shelter last week when their owner became homeless. She begged the shelter to keep them together. Christie Chipps Peters, the director of the Richmond Animal Care and Control Shelter, agreed it was in their best interest, and not long after the most adorable social media posts about the pair were shared (but have since been removed due to threats to the woman who adopted them), a new human adopted them both. Peters said the shelter was happy that they were taken together.

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But just a few short days later, a man found poor little OJ on the side of the road near Staunton, Virginia, and brought him into the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center. The man thought he looked like a stray, and Blue Dozer, his ever-present buddy, was nowhere to be found.

Tracey Meadows is the acting director of the Staunton shelter and said she checked OJ’s microchip to see he came from the Richmond facility. Meadows said that when the Richmond shelter contacted the new owner, they learned that someone was supposed to be watching OJ for her, but that she did have Bull Dozer with her. The new owner told Meadows that she did not necessarily want to keep OJ, but had no plans of giving Blue Dozer up, despite adopting them knowing they needed to stay together.

Tracey Meadows, acting director at the Shenandoah shelter, said Wednesday they used a microchip to figure out that he had come from the Richmond facility, and they found his new owner. Meadows said that when the shelter contacted the woman who had adopted the two dogs from Richmond, she said that “someone was watching the dog [OJ] for us.”

Peters spent hours and hours trying to convince the new owner to give up Blue Dozer, as she was intent on keeping him, even though it had been made very clear to her that the pair had been surrendered as a duo and was adopted under the premise that they’d be kept together.

She finally succeeded in convincing the new owner to bring Blue Dozer back so the pair could be genuinely adopted together, and when they were reunited, it brought tears to the shelter staff’s eyes. The couple wriggled with glee and hugged each other, happy to be back together and on their way back to Richmond where they’d been surrendered.

I am very glad to announce that both OJ and Blue Dozer have just been reunited and are safely back at RACC. Thank you to…

Posted by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Despite the viral criticism for the woman adopting the pair but only wanting to keep Blue Dozer, Peters said that she genuinely did love Blue Dozer and just didn’t fully understand the strong need to keep them together. Additionally, Peters said that the death threats and ugly social media posts scared her, and she just wanted to fade away. It is still unknown as to how OJ ended up on the side of the road by himself, but there was no legal ramification for the woman who adopted them.

The pair is back together, happy as ever, and Peters said that they won’t adopt them out again until they’ve gone through the hundreds and hundreds of requests to adopt they have and ensure that the adorable duo will find the perfect forever home. Whoever adopts them will be required to sign a contract that will guarantee they stay together.

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