Golden Retriever ‘Delivery Boy’ Cutest Thing Ever! [Video]

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There’s lots to be said about local newspaper delivery. TV shows and movies often mock the ‘paper boy’ throwing it in the bushes, trees, or a muddy puddle. In Boulder, Colorado, the residents of Simmons Drive don’t know what that even means, as for over two decades, they’ve woken up to their papers right on the front porch. And they have the most adorable delievery boy to thank — a Golden Retriever named Quincy!

Quincy’s dad, Paul Goldan, wakes up each morning with Quincy and ensures that the newspaper (delivered already) is in a place where his neighbors won’t have to go too far to get it… even if it has a few extra doggie hairs in the flyers! Goldan says he feels like he is giving back, ensuring his neighbors don’t have to walk too far for their daily dose of news, and Quincy proudly does the job he’s been doing for the last 11 years.

Goldan’s wife originally came up with the idea, theorizing that if the dog can chase a ball, he could probably go out and get a paper. Now performs his ‘duty’ superbly, even in the extreme weather–rain, sleet and snow, Quincy is out there! In fact, Goldan says that Quincy finds the paper under heavy snow (which Boulder is known to often have) better than he does!

Neighbors have gotten used to this friendly and luxurious service, as the Goldans originally taught the Golden Retriever they had before Quincy to deliver papers with a wag. Mia Fox, one of Quincy’s neighbors, says that Quincy wakes up before she does and brings all the neighbors their paper–and that she thinks it is really super special.

Goldan agrees that he enjoys the delight Quincy has in delivering to the neighbors and family, and that it’s fun to train animals to do neat things like this. More, though, Goldan says he just feels like it’s nice to be able to give to your neighbors, and Quincy’s delight in delivering is proof that every dog has his (delivery) day.