Good Sit Kickstarter Aims To Ease Owner Surrenders Through Education

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Many people surrender dogs due to “behavioral issues.” The Good Sit program aims to help pet parents connect with their adopted dog and keep their bond strong.

Many adopted dogs end up right back into the shelter system once they are adopted, and when they are back in the shelter, the risk of being put down is very high. In fact, over 10,000 dogs are given up every day in the United States to shelters, with behavioral problems reportedly cited as the reason for the surrender. Tally that number up and it reaches the four million mark each year – far, far too many.

To worsen the situation even further, shelters quickly run out of space. This results in thousands of perfectly adoptable dogs being killed (not euthanized) nationwide simply due to lack of space. Their only hope for survival is being adopted, but even that is risky, as nearly 50 percent of adopted dogs are reportedly end up right where they started.

Good Sit saw the futility in the circle of surrender, and knew that a lasting solution that was easy to digest for potential adopters had to be implemented. The problem that the company aims to remedy is the missing piece of the puzzle, which they believe is post-adopting support and counseling. Once a dog is adopted into his new home, he may not understand or be able to complete all the commands or tricks his new pet parents want/need him to do. Something like potty training or socializing with other dogs seem like small things to experienced pet owners, but for new pet parents without the adequate training tools, it’s a real hurdle to overcome.

Good Sit is bridging the gap by providing resources a new pet owner can turn to in their time of need. Founded by dog expert Yulin Olliver, Good Sit is an online educational program that’s easy to understand and provides real tips and advice that works. It is an online video-centric beginner’s training curriculum for parents of newly adopted dogs that teaches pet parents useful techniques such as properly using treats as rewards during training, how to introduce dogs to different scenarios, and how to tackle your dog’s boredom.

Every program is completed by taking quizzes to track your progress and makes curriculum easier to apply in real life. Upon completion, color-coded ribbons are awarded to track your progress, and pet parents may take the quiz as many times as they like. Think of Good Sit as an online pet manual for all types of dogs when you need it. Once you purchase the program, it’s yours for life – if you think your getting a little rusty or want to brush up on a few techniques, you can go back and go over the problem points.

While Good Sit benefits dogs who are coming out of the shelter system, it’s also a great resource for pet parents who need to teach their dogs some manners. Plus, for every curriculum purchased, one is given to a homeless pet and their new family when they are adopted free of charge. This is part of Good Sit’s “Get One, Give One” philosophy that gives adopted dogs a better chance of returning back to the shelter system.

Are you ready to help thousands of dogs stay out of shelters and into the arms of their loving forever humans? Head over to Good Sit’s Kickstarter campaign and give it a boost! It makes the perfect gift for someone you know who’s thinking of adopting a dog, but hesitant about their pet parenting skills.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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