Happy Ending for Dogs Affected by Chicago’s Extreme Shelter Overcrow

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We recently told you about a shelter overcrowding situation in Chicago, Illinois, and are happy to update that many of the dogs in peril of euthanasia have found their forever homes!

The cold winter North America has been experiencing has filled shelters to capacity all over the country. We recently told you about the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter’s overcrowding; overcrowding to the point that some dogs were facing possible euthanasia until a local charity, Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control stepped in and offered to board some of the dogs at a local PetSmart PetHotel in hopes of making space.

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We are happy to report that the pleas to find homes for the city’s shelters did not fall on deaf ears.

At least 36 shelter dogs were adopted this weekend, and more were moved to no-kill rescue groups who vowed to find the dogs homes. Among those moved was Miley, a bully breed who had been there since July. The adoptions and moves to no-kill rescues reduced the population in the shelter, which was needed desperately as the shelter must take in all dogs brought to them. If there is no room, however, they have to face the difficult decision to euthanize in order to make room.

Rescue groups are being offered financial incentives if they take dogs who have been at the shelter longer than 30 days into their groups. The rescue groups receive $100 for every dog that is already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and $200 for dogs who will need that still.

Potential adopters drove from all over Illinois to help build their families and reduce the number of dogs in the shelter. Lines were long, and thankfully, the critical level of dogs the shelter was at last week has been reduced, for now.

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Shelter officials said that there is still work to be done as more dogs and cats arrive daily, and they are thankful for the donations and sharing of the information. They also gave thanks to those who came and adopted a dog! The city is also giving individual families who adopt dogs $100 rebates when their adopted dog completes a basic obedience course.

Chicagoans keep stepping up to help our homeless animals –and in the process find their new best friends. On Tuesday,…

Posted by Chicago Animal Care and Control on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The year is young, but so far 61 dogs have found their furever homes, which is a 154% increase in the same time period when compared to last year.

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