Lady Gaga Goes Goo-Goo For New Puppy

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Lady Gaga has added to her furry family with a yet-to-be-named French Bulldog puppy, and didn’t waste a second getting the new baby on his furry big sis’s Insta account!

Lady Gaga has made us dig her even more. Again. She shared via Instagram a new addition to her furry Frenchie family–a sweet little pup that hasn’t got a name yet. Gaga said she goes between calling the new baby Moopig and Cowpig, but no matter what he’s called you can guarantee he’s going to be glad he’s the newest member of her monster clan!

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The new love joins Gaga’s two other adorable French Bulldogs, big sister Asia and big brother Koji, who are stars in their own right. Asia, often referred to by Gaga as ‘Queen Asia’ has her own Instagram account, and shared a most adorable picture of her new baby bro for the world to see. Pet Mama Gaga shared the news on her own Insta account, telling us all that her best friend bought the new pup’s sibling and she couldn’t bare for them to be separated.

Queen Asia and Koji appear to be smitten with the new addition as well, though in her Instagram Account, Mama Gaga made mention that Asia was sure to let the new fur-baby know who the queen was. Still, based on how loving Asia and Koji are with each other, there’s no doubt that the new addition will fit right in.

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Cute as he is, it’s clear that being born that way has worked out in his favor!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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