Luxury Pet Market Booms in China

From kitty coffins to acupuncture for pooches, China is embracing the luxury end of the pet product and service market.

In the west, spoiling our pets is nothing new, but it’s now a way of life that has spread to China. High-end pet products and pet services are rapidly gaining in popularity as Chinese pet owners look for new and innovative ways to treat their animals.

In China, spending on all things pet-related is on the increase. High quality pet food, health products and services, cat litter, bed and toys. They’re all being sold in greater volumes than ever before.

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Luxurious pet hotels are springing up in the biggest cities. In 2016 a chain of cat hotels called Vacation a Cat opened up and they’ve proved to be very popular. For the equivalent of $53 per night your cat can have a fabulous break while you’re away. This is no ordinary cattery, this is a real luxury cat hotel. Your kitty will be fed and groomed and for an extra fee they can have a relaxing massage and even a pedicure. I quite fancy a job as a cat masseur! Some of the pet hotels even have specially designed swimming pools. So if your dog loves a dip, he doesn’t have to miss out while you’re away.

Acupuncture has always been popular in China, so it will come as little surprise that the pet acupuncture business is now booming. Four years ago saw the opening of the TCM Neurology and Acupuncture Health Center in Shanghai. They’ve since treated more than 2000 pets and 80% of owners say they’ve seen an improvement in their pets’ health.

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Pets are loved in life, so it’s only fitting they should be well treated in death too. Pet funerals are also growing in popularity in China, with plenty of luxurious pet coffins now becoming available.

[Source: Quartz]

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