New Research Shows UK Pet Owners Spend Over $24K On a Pet in Its Lifet

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
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Experts suggest that UK dog owners will spend over $24,000 (£18,000) throughout their pet’s life on pet-related expenses.

World Animal Day is right around the corner, and new numbers are out about how much it costs pet owners to care for their pet throughout its lifetime. Geoffrey Dennis is the Chief Executive of SPANA, an international charity that works for the welfare of working animals. He surveyed 2,000 pet owners and asked about bills for food, vet care, treats, accessories, grooming and the like, and found that annually, pet owners spend approximately $1,851 (£1,384) a year on their pets.

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The study showed that eight of ten dog owners believed their dogs to be family members, and treated them as such. If you figure the approximate lifespan of a dog to be about 13 years, the numbers are close to annual utility bills or even keeping the family car going.

That said, only eight percent of those polled were disgruntled about the price of pet ownership, as they consider it no different than paying to care for a family member. The study was done on UK pet owners and Dennis said that UK pet owners clearly are happy enough to give their pets the lives they deserve, regardless of cost.

The survey also revealed that four of ten dogs slept in their owners’ beds, while a quarter of those dogs even slept right beside their owners!

Surveyed owners didn’t bat an eye on spoiling their pups with gourmet treats or gifts for birthdays and Christmases, and one in ten even dresses his/her pup in designer clothing.

He found that 25% of dogs have radio playing during the day while they are left at home, and one in ten has nail and hair appointments regularly. Not surprisingly, 23% of those surveyed said they even give their pets more kisses and cuddling than they do their human partners!

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Dennis said he’s glad that pets in the UK and America and Canada are treated well, but in other developing countries, animals live much sadder lives, particularly working animals. There is little care or compassion for them, nor are they given the vet care they need, and that’s what he works with SPANA to help facilitate. He hopes that on World Animal Day, people think of those pets who aren’t as fortunate, and consider donating to help their sad plights.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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