Man’s Dying Wish Granted as His Dog Finds Forever Home [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A California man whose dying wish was that his beloved beagle mix would be adopted has come true, as Rowdy is living in her new furever home.

In December, Harold Godfrey said his dying wish was that his 10-year-old Beagle-mix, Rowdy, would be adopted into a loving home who would care for her as Harold had.

Just a few months ago, Harold was diagnosed with cancer, and knew he didn’t have long to live. Rowdy and Harold were regulars at the Woodward Park Dog Park, and director Monda Ahmed said she was devastated to hear the news.

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Godfrey called her and told her that he needed her help getting Rowdy to an appropriate shelter and Ahmed told him in no uncertain terms was that ever going to happen. Bringing tears to both their eyes, Ahmed promised Godfrey that she’d make sure Rowdy had a good home.

Rowdy was Harold’s family, and knowing she’d be cared for was a gift to him in his last days. Ahmed posted on Facebook that Harold was in hospice and Rowdy needed a good home. The post went viral, and though Taylor Therese was not looking for a new dog, she knew she had to help.

Therese works at Pismo’s Coastal Grill, where Harold had been a regular as well, and she wanted him to know that Rowdy would be okay. Taylor said that she’d known Harold for years and knew how much he loved Rowdy and she had to do something. The manager at Pismo’s offered to pay the $500 pet deposit Taylor needed to keep her with her, and another customer who knew Harold offered to pay for food for Rowdy for a year.

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Ahmed says that the match is perfect, and even gave Taylor a set of pet stairs so Rowdy could sleep with her. Taylor took Rowdy to see Harold, and show him she was safe, and would be well-cared for. Taylor and her roomates adore the sweet boy, and couldn’t be happier to carry out Harold’s dying wish.

Lori Ennis
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